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Good Classroom Behavior

No description

Charles Herndon

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Good Classroom Behavior

Good Classroom Behavior101
Following Directions
Following directions can lead to a better atmosphere in the classroom. And Better Classroom Behavior.
Disrespect in class causes havoc and disorderliness. For instance If one were to speak out of turn not only would it upset the follow class mate because they did not get a fair chance to speak, but it would give the impression that other people can speak out of turn as well. If ever one spoke out of turn there would be no way to accomplish any thing. There will be too many interruptions, and some students will miss the opportunity to express their ideas. Respecting other and proper educate is the only way to keep order in the classroom.
Good Classroom Behavior Includes
...Respecting the teacher (and) or the Substitute...
...Being Quiet While the Teacher (and) or sub is speaking...
... Following the Given Directions...
...Remaining Seated...
...Completing the Days Assignment...

...Respecting the Teacher, and or Substitute means; No Complaining, and or whining. Also No talking Back...
Trying your best can result in other people trying their best and resulting in Good Classroom Behavior.
...Quiet... Shh!....
...Raise Your Hand If You Have a Question...

... This Prezi Was Made By~ Jillian Hackett
Do Your Best
Maintain A Good Behavior...
Maintaining a Good Behavior, can result in rewards and avoid punishments...
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