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Hello everybody,

No description

batuhan sesli

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Hello everybody,

Itec 4 ŞSükrü Sankaya
Anatolian High School

Okan,Tarık and Batuhan went to Heykel and Kapalıçarşı.They showed us this famous places.
Armoni,Yunus,Emre and Beyza introduced Irgandi Bridge. They told us Irgandi Bridge's history.
Esin,Doruk,Rengin and Sina introduced Bursa Ulu Mosque.Ulu mosque is a well- known historical place in Bursa. This Mosque constructed by First Bayezid in 1396-1400.
Hello everybody,
we had a project in our English lesson. This project is an ITEC project. The title wasTelling a story.So we are introducing our hometown; BURSA.
Our class 9/B made this project with our English teacher; Hilal Doğu. We had groups because she divided the class into groups.So all of us took part in the project. We took videos and now you will watch them. Have a good time.
Sude,Melis and Nurefşan told us Bursa's meals. They went to the famous eating house "Iskender Kabab Restaurant", a regular sweet shop and a pita bread restaurant in Kayhan Bazaar.
Tophane is really beautiful historical place. You can see all of the Bursa there. Our classmates Sena and Elif Esra told us this place.
Zeynep,Beril and Çağla told us Kozahan.Kozahan is one of the famous place in Bursa. They talked about Kozahan's story.
Ceyda and İrem took us to Bursa Zoo. We can see interesting animal there.
Leyla, Mine and Elif went to Karagoz Museum. Karagoz is an important and historical place for Bursa
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