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Hannah Paaschal-The Middle Passage-Period 6

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lib hist

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Hannah Paaschal-The Middle Passage-Period 6

The Middle Passage
What is the worst part?
In my opinion, the worst part was the actual ship ride across the Atlantic. The Africans were treated worse than animals on ship. The Europeans gave them little food and stuffed them side by side in tiny spaces below deck where disease was prominent. Many of the African slaves died on the long jouney to the colonies.
What should we do today?
We need to know what horrible things we did in the past and why we did it because we need to make sure that we never do it again. We need to learn from our mistakes to make this world better.
Why is this Important?
The Middle Passage-also called the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade-was a very sad event in history since it was when Europeans thought that they were better than the Africans and they kidnapped Africans and used them as forced labor salves. The Africans were treated very harshly and millions of them died.
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