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Chem: Nitroglycerin

No description

Angelica Rumbaoa

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Chem: Nitroglycerin

Time To learn 2 main ones: Heart medication & Explosives Environment Alternatives: For Angina Pills: Beta Blockers, also a muscle relaxant Clear, Poisonous, Oily,
Explosive, Unstable, Yellowish
Liquid Nitroglycerin ! Applications: Impact
Physical / Chemical properties about ... Ascanio Sobrero In 1847 .... ... discovered nitroglycerin when he added glycerin to a mixture of nitric acid Alfred Nobel found a way to stabilize nitroglycerin... And used it in explosives Angina Pills: Angina Pectoris- when your heart doesn't get enough blood Glyceryl Trinitrate is formed into in tablets Then Nitric oxide is formed when your body converts Nitroglycerin. Nitric oxide is a muscle relaxant that calms the heart muscles concluding in a reduced blood and easy oxygen flow. Explosives - Dynamite: This was made by mixing nitroglycerin with diatomite (called "kieselgurh" in German) It is used in blasting rock, mining, demolition, and Forestry It is dangerous and harmful to the environment and human because ... When it decomposes, Nitrogen gases and Carbon monoxide is released For a safe disposal, Nitroglycerin should be disposed of in a Hazardous Waste Landfill Health Precautions Exposure can cause headaches, Explosives: When Nitroglycerin is in its liquid form it is unpredictable and very dangerous, so during transport it must be stabilized by a solid clay like substance containing sodium hydroxide Heart Medications: Main precaution is to maintain a blood pressure below a level of 130/85
Society Serves as a weapon (production of bombs) and medication (to treat heart conditions) Pros: Doesn't cause headaches Cons: Causes nausea, makes you tired, and is not as effective as Nitroglycerin For Dynamite: ANFO (Ammonium nitrate and fuel oil Pros: Cost less, more stable, more environmental friendly than dynamite Cons: Requires more power to detonate Thank You for your attentiveness
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