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Brown Bears

A Prezi presentation on the brown bear.

Javin Grant

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Brown Bears

The Brown Bear
A Prezi presentation by Javin Grant The Brown bear population streches through the forest and mountains of northern North America Europe And Asia Where It lives How big is a brown bear? 700 lbs, but large males can be over 1,000 lbs. The average size of a brown bear is 5 to 8 ft tall. Life Span On average brown bears live 25 years. Hibernation Brown bears dig dens (usually in a suitable hillside) for the winter. Females den while pregnant and give birth during hibernation. Diet Omnivores Kodiak bears are a bigger subspecies of the brown bear. Yellow indicates where the brown bear lives Sites National Geographic Planet Earth : Animals Up Close : Discovery Channel Bear Planet Berries Nuts Fruit Leaves Roots Meat from rodents to moose. Cubs Generally stay with their mother for 1 or more years Cubs Can consume 90 lbs of food in a single day
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