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One Hundred Percent American

No description

kayla young

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of One Hundred Percent American

One Hundred Percent American
By: Ralph Linton

Ralph Linton
February 27, 1893- December 24, 1953

as Americans, we try to preserve our Heritage
"foreign ideas have already wormed their way into [our] civilization without [our] realizing what [is] going on"

European beds

respected American Anthropologist
"The Study of Man"
- Status & Role concepts
"The Tree of Culture"
- an overview of human culture
- his wife finished the textbook
Indian cotton
Indian moccasins
European & American
Indian pajamas
Gauls invention
Ancient Egypt
European chair
Clothing made of skin
Similar to Croatian shoulder shawl
Egyptian glass
Indian boats, Asian umbrella, and hat from Asiatic steppes
Lydian coins
Chinese pottery
Indian knife, Medieval Italian fork, and Roman spoon
Abyssinian coffee plant
Syrup from Eastern Woodlands
Indochinese bird egg
Scandinavian pancakes
Indian sugar
Cigar from Spain
Newspaper- invented in Germany
Show that American are not that inventive
Every thing Americans own came from somewhere else
Americans claim this stuff as our own
ex: the "American breakfast" he had was not so American
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