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A very short introduction to computational design

No description

Pirouz Nourian

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of A very short introduction to computational design

Formulation formulation is the systematic form of parametric sketching it is a re-iterative intellectual process: to make sure you have full control over design outcome ? PERFORMANCE CONFIGURATION PROBLEM Materialized Geometric Shape FUNCTION SOLUTION Requirements, Constraints and Goals FORM Ada Lovelace What is computational design? I do not think at all! feed-forward feed-back Modes of Control & Computation Who Created the First Computer Programming Language With Respect To Her Ladyship Computation
as a way of thinking the blacker the color the more dense the urban block polycentric distribution of density, with equal weights of importance PhD researcher & Instructor

M.Sc. Architecture (2009)
B.Sc. Control Engineering (2005)

P.Nourian@tudelft.nl On Computational Design:
A very short introduction Piourz Nourian Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology Chair of Design Informatics "Another age must be judge" -Charles Babbage 1873 computational shape generation computational configuration computational analysis computational simulation Network analysis rendering or thermal simulation for solar-gain optimization distribution on networks, plan-layout surface pogeometrypulation, paneling, computational Parametrization, Formulation, Analysis and Optimization Algorithmic Problem-Solving causal systems Analysis Problem Definition (Analysis)
Determination of Variable Parameters Problem Formulation (Synthesis)
Design Space Determination Performance Measurement or Estimation + Comparison Against Quality Criteria Evaluation Synthesis Making your own custom computers using modules Designing Your Design Process! What is Computational Design Process as co-evolution of problem-solution pairs and spaces
(Maher, 1996)(Cross & Dorst, 2007) Design Process as a course of negotiations between problems and solutions, through analysis, synthesis and evaluation
(Lawson, 2005) Nigel Cross-Kees Dorst Bryan Lawson Step-by-Step Phase-Model
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