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Oticon`s spaghetti structure

No description

Johanna Mikó

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Oticon`s spaghetti structure

What is it?
-flat, loosely coupled, project based
-ambiguous job boundaries
-extensive delegation of task
-autonomous teams
- face to face communication between employees speed of information flow
- Increased employee responsibility
- Employee motivation
- Create a friendly and free working environment
- Higher productivity
- More opportunities

Image by Tom Mooring
Oticon`s spaghetti structure
Is this approach appropriate for every organisation?
- brings out the creativity of people
- encourages competition both internally and externally
-Oticon as a superb career environment???

-Negative competition
- Performance related pay
- Leader's power misused
- Belbin
- Staff redundancy
- Confusion
- Cohesion
-Hard to replace members
-Unclear career path
- Task achievement vs personal goal?
- Employee's behavior
- McDonalds & School
Some factors to consider...
- Size
- Culture
- People



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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Oticon`s spaghetti structure? Is this approach appropriate for every organisation?
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