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Forandringsprojekter i praksis

No description

Socialt Udviklingscenter SUS

on 18 January 2017

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Transcript of Forandringsprojekter i praksis

Projects of change and innovation
- put into practice

Metropol d. 27.9.2016
How do we develop solutions that last?
Talk to the person next to you
1. Se på forsiden af kuverten - titler på projekter i SUS. Tal om hvad I tror de har handlet om. Ingen googling! Og I må ikke åbne kuverten (endnu)
Social innovation og social inventions
Projects and initiatives focused on creating better conditions for socially marginalised people

Cooperation with organizations, municipalities, regions etc.

Meaningful changes based on:

• User influence

• Involvement – combined bottom up og top-down

Social development center SUS
Nu må I åbne kuverten.

Sammensæt ordene til projektideer/indsatser og tal om hvad det skal indeholde. Hvad, hvorfor, hvordan og med hvem?

What interest you the most about innovation and project of change?

A few cues for me, please
Mikro finance
Self budgeting
Fra fængsel til frihed
The idea
The project
Nobel Prize 1996 - Muhammad Yunus
Women in Bangladesh was offered mikro finance

Denmark 2006
How would that work?

Aarhus 2006: Fælles ansvar II


Revalidering 2 x halvt år), 50.000 kr., entrepeneur support

Business Case (2 ud af 20)
Aarhus Kommune + other municipalities

How to implement a project that worked one place in another place?

Knowledge and tools adjusted to the (new) municipality

Education for the coordinators

Broad information to the employees (What should I do differently?)

The idea
Variations of self budgeting

Maximize the citizens opportunities of budgeting

Develop model of implementation and business cases

Evaluate and document it as a method

30-55 years old
Unemployed more than 12 months
(Job consultants)

Social and personal consequences of being unemployed (empowerment)

New ways of cooperation between authorities and citizens

Challenge the employment scheme


Trial 1:
Individual (15)

Trial 2
: Collective (15)

Trial 3
: Randomized (20)

Trial 4:
Best-practice (50 borgere)

Afprøvning af metode (familierådslagning)

3 fængsler

Cafe Exit: samordnere


Human bingo
Yes, and...
Never say no.. or but..
Always yes and..
Push poem
Each person takes 3 letters.
1 person starts with saying a word thats starts with one of the letters, and the next one does the same..

Write it down
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