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ASL vs. PSE vs. SEE

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Paige Danae Frost

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of ASL vs. PSE vs. SEE

ASL is a visual language. Being able to speech read or having any listening skills are not needed to have a conversation in ASL. PSE is the most widely used way of communication of the deaf or hard of hearing in the school system. Teachers find it easiest to learn with. SEE signs are like ASL signs but have more words, prefixes, tenses, and endings that create a complete, understandable sentence. ASL
(American Sign Language) PSE
(Pigeon Signed English) SEE
(Signing Exact English) Differences
Between... All of them are able to be used to talk to hard of hearing or deaf people. Most people that need to use sign language could understand all of them. All of them... ASL is a very graphic language. Deaf or hard of hearing people will be better at understanding concepts from all the graphics. ASL is a language on all its own. It has its own syntax and own grammar. Also, it can be counted as a foreign language credit for schooling. ASL is not written or spoken usually. When you wrote it down or speak it, it is very choppy. PSE is formed from ASL but is in normal English order. Like ASL words, words that hold no information are more then likely dropped. Also, words that have endings are more than likely drop the ending as well. PSE makes it easy to speak while signing and is much easier to learn than ASL or SEE. PSE ASL SEE SEE gives children the opportunity to expand their vocabulary by learning off an English based system. They are also encouraged to speech read, which is lip reading. They add on all prefixes, tenses, and endings, too. SEE takes more time to sign because of all the add ons. When using SEE it is easier to switch to ASL because they are similar. They signs are all the same just less words. SEE, ASL, and PSE all use the same signs but just in a different order to get the message across. http://listen-up.org/sign2.htm
http://www.signinghispraises.net/vs.html PSE is not considered a true language. It lacks many rules. PSE is considered a contact language. A contact language is a simplified language that is used to talk to people of a different language. PSE and SEE both use speech reading, lip reading, to help learn the language and get the message across. PSE and SEE
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