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A Tale of Two Cities

a list of the main characters with quotes that help explain their personality

Grace Southerland

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities Dr.Manette Dr.Manette is the father of Lucie Manette. He was imprisoned by the Lettre de Cachete by an unknown French aristocrat. When he escaped from jail he fled to England with his daughter to escape whomever imprisoned him.While in jail he made shoes using his mental image of his wife's foot for the pattern of the shoes. He made the shoes so that he will not go crazy.Even though he spent money taking care of Lucie for 17 years, he still had money left over. He escaped jail, but he still has a shadow of the jail (Bastille) looking over him. The shadow of the Bastille theme is recurrent in the story. An example of this is on page seventy-one, line twenty-four. Lucie Manette Sydney Carton Charles Darnay Mr.Stryver Lucie Manette Daughter of Dr.Manette, Lucie grew up without a father. Her mother died when she was age 2. Lucie's mom died while searching for her father after he was thrown in jail. Lucie lived independently for 17 years of her life, and is golden haired and blue eyed. She was watched over by her housekeeper, Miss Pross, who is very protective over her. She is often recognized throughout the book as the words ladybird or golden(indicating her hair). Charles Darnay Darnay is a French aristocrat whom we first encounter in the trial. He was put to court on charges of treason against England, giving information of the location of British troops in America. He loves Lucie and will do anything for her. He can be described as very polite and loving. Because of his kindness he no longer wants the harsh Evermonde name. He wants to be disowned. Sydney Carton Carton is a brilliant lawyer who never lived up to his potential. Being in the same law class as Stryver, he could be just as if not more successful than Stryver. He is the success behind Stryver; he takes notes and tells Stryver exactly what to say to win the case. He is jealous of Darnay, Darnay is exactly who Carton could have been and he even has the girl. He constantly pushes other people's buttons just to get a reaction. Mr.Stryver His name is Dickens' way of explaining his character; Stryver will do anything to get to the top of the social ladder. He forces himself into conversations even if it means he pushes someone out. He is the Lion to Carton's jackal. He is proud, ambitious and bombastic. Notes About the Time Period Dickens spends the entire book trying to get across a simple message. England will be just like France in the time before the French Revolution if they do not stop what is happening. This will lead to revolution.

There are two time periods spoken in a Tale of Two Cities
1. England in the industrial revolution
2. France 1775 pre-revolution

French Social Pyramid Pre-Revolution Mr.Lorry A good friend of the Manette's, Mr.Lorry is an English banker who brings the Manettes to England after Dr.Manette's release from prison. He is reconized throughout the book through the symbol of a wig and the color tan. Can you name any of the places from scenes in the book? Can you name any of the people? Dr.Manette Defarge Gaspard Jacques Gaspard is said to be a jokester. He is introduced to the reader in the Defarge's wine shop.Gaspard wrote on the wall. He is a member of the Jaquerie, and kills the Marquis St.Evermonde in the name of the Jacques, and the name of his son who was killed by the Marquis. The words that are recognized with his name are tall and Jacques. BLOOD Madame Defarge is an woman who sees nothing, all she does is knit. And by seeing nothing Madame sees everything and knows everything. Her husband, Ernest Defarge is the owner of a wine shop, and a member of the Jacques. He was also a loyal servant of Dr.Manette's before his imprisonment. It was at his house Dr.Manette stayed prior to his escape from France. For more information on the pictures and Phiz you can go to http://www.victorianweb.org/art/illustration/phiz/pva104.html The Jacques are a group of French rebels. They organize and begin the French Revolution. The Jacques do not go by their real names, they go by Jacque one, two, three or four, so that they will not have their identity revealed and be executed. Gaspard is a Jacque. The Jaques leave a card with the people that they kill claiming credit for it.
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