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Chapter 2 Section 1

Lat & Long

Joy Maberry

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Chapter 2 Section 1

Chapter 2 Section 1
Latitude and Longitude


-Distance in degrees North or South of
the ________________.

-The _______________ is the imaginary line that circles the Earth half way between the ________________.

-Latitude lines are parallel to the ________________.

-The equator is _____ degrees latitude, ______ degrees
North and South are the poles. Can’t go any farther.

- Longitude lines are _______________. Each
one does not encircle the entire globe.

-The ____________ _______________ is 0 degrees longitude
and runs through Greenwich, England.

-Longitude lines are also called ______________. They measure distance East and West of the Prime Meridian.

-The ________________ ________________ does not circle the whole Earth. The 180- degree is the ________________ _____________ _____________.
(The science of map making)
Earth Time / Time Zones

-24 Time zones due to Earth’s ____ hour _________.

- The United States has _____ time zones.

- Each time zone is ______ degrees wide in longitude.

- Add 1 hour when moving to the East and lose 1 hour
when moving West. 1 hour per time zone or every
______ degrees.

-At the 180-degree meridian 0r the _______________
___________ ______________, the calendar day changes.
Breaking Down Latitude and Longitude

*Latitude Lines
- Each degree of ________________ = 111 km on Earth's surface.
- Each ____________ of _____________ can be broken down into 60'
(minutes). Each minute into 60" (seconds).
- 1' of latitude = 1.85 km on Earth's surface.

*Longitude Lines
- Each degree of ________________ can also be broken down into
minutes and seconds.
- Each degree of longitude can vary from 1 to ________ km because
they are not parallel like ________________ lines.
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