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Social Media Quick Start

Quick start guide to social media and the impact to business.

Craig Kargol

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Media Quick Start

Social Media

Marketing Paradigm Shift?
Just Another Internet Fad? Marketing 101
"Identifying and meeting Human and
SOCIAL needs."
"Meeting needs Profitabily"
-Kotler & Keller How do you know? How do you reach consumers? Interactive Marketing

Contextual placement

Word of mouth
Buzz and viral marketing
Opinion leaders
Blogs So web 1.5 Word of mouth Socialnomics - Eric Qualman
"It's a people driven economy, stupid."

Peer recommendations
People griping or praising products and services.

News and products find US! Talking used to be like this. Now you have this. How? Thanks to this!
The Cloud Billions of people connected
to the same cloud.

<< the glue >>

Social Networking Applications Robust Networks
Affordable broadband
Affordable mobile devices
Affordable desktop computers
NO browser barriers and entrapment
Free services Remember this?

"Meeting needs Profitabily"
-Kotler & Keller No more of this! The next marketing domain Everybody is talking, are you listening? Company Strategy Start small, but start learning now
Listen to online consumers
Customer service
Product feedback

banner ads Be social and be part of the fabric. Dos and Don'ts
(Kotler & Keller - Framework for marketing management) "Pay" with feedback
Don't pay for someone to say something - they already are.

Find ways to let them communicate with you. Listen and provide
real support and appreciation. They'll volunteer to help a brand
that listens to them. Insist on openness
Demand honesty - honest opinions influence
Help customers tell stories
Don't Script - forcing message is awkward
Don't Plan - word of mouth spontaneous
Don't Sell
Above all, Don't Ignore

more Dos and Don'ts
(Kotler & Keller - Framework for marketing management) Target the mavens, connectors, and salespeople.

Express your ideas so it motivates people to act.

Context - organized groups and communities.
Generate Buzz - Malcolm Gladwell http://www.facebook.com http://www.twitter.com Microblog
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