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Shark Finning

A presentation on shark finning.

Kara Moon

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Shark Finning

Double click anywhere & add an idea Shark Finning Shark finning has been going on for thousands of years. It is known to be a cultural thing and that’s why a lot of people don’t want to stop doing it. Shark finning is when people take sharks out of the water, cut off their fins and then throw them back in the water. When they cut off their fins, they do not kill them. But when they throw them back into the ocean they just fall to the bottom and all the other animals eat them then. They only cut off the fins because the shark meat doesn’t sell for much so it would be pretty pointless to carry a huge shark the whole way back to shore. In one year, about 100 million sharks are killed just for their fins. Some people think that within the next decade a lot of the shark species will be gone because so many are killed. There are too many sharks being killed that they can’t reproduce enough to make up for all the number of sharks that are being killed. About 99% of the shark is thrown back into the ocean once the fins are chopped off. Each country has their own laws with shark finning. Some countries say that the fins still have to be attached when they arrive to shore. But most countries don’t want to carry all the sharks back to they just cut the fins off when the get the shark. That way, they can get more fins. Since the 1970’s the shark population has decreased by 95%. The countries that fin the most sharks are Hong Kong and China. They use it for shark fin soup which is supposed to be very fancy and very expensive. There are a lot of groups that are trying to help stop shark finning. But it’s hard because a lot of the reason why we can’t stop it is because it is the countries law. So, we can’t change it. Shark finning is very bad, and everyone should be trying to stop it. Bibliography
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