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GCDP Mass Meet Promotion

No description

Mandy Lee

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of GCDP Mass Meet Promotion

Foundation Drive Timeline Application Method Results Core Where can I gooooo???? ? What is GCDP? What can I gain? Join Now!!!! How much do I need to pay? Let’s hear the real stories! Global Community Development Programme What is the aim then? to develop their leadership potential and create positive social impact How long will it last for? 6 - 78 weeks (normally 6-8 weeks) Opportunities provided by...? AIESEC Local committees and local NGOs What can I do? 1.Cultural understanding and diversity 2.Language Education 3.Community Education 4.Youth Leadership and Development 5.Environment and Sustainability China ,India, Indonesia Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, The Philippines and Ski Lanka Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Czech Republic and Poland Italy, Germany, Norway, Portugal and Greece Brazil, Colombia and Peru Kenya, Mauritius, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria Egypt, Tunisia Karen Administration fee of HKD$1500
*Refundable Deposit HKD$1000

Food & accommodation are usually subsidized

Air tickets, VISA expenses, insurances, medical expense and others NOT included * Refund are subjected to the fulfillment of all requirements listed on the GCDP Contract and Deposit Refund Contract What should I do NOW if I am interested in GCDP? Complete application form and CV to: aiesec.gcdp.hkbu@gmail.com
DEADLINE:8th Nov (23:59)
No late and incomplete application is accepted!!!!

*Pre-SRB Training Workshop on 15th Nov 19:00-20:00
HKD$ 1000 Refundable Deposit Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.
-Herbert Otto Matthew Romania - GROW India - Project Footprints GCDP Am I Eligible?? 1.HKBU undergraduate or postgraduate who is 18 or above*

2.Available for at least 6 weeks during summer (May – August)

3.Chinese Passport Holders who hold a student status during the exchange period

4.Eager and open to experience different cultures

5.Fond of challenges and adventures
6.Seek for personal development and self-discovery

*as at 1 January, 2013 For more info..... http://hkbu.aiesec.hk/programmes/gcdp/
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