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The Iron Age Innovations: The Iron Tip Plow

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John Douglass

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of The Iron Age Innovations: The Iron Tip Plow

The Iron Age Innovations: The Iron Tip Plow
Impacts of this Innovation
In the iron age agriculture had been at its peak. People could now grow Soybeans, rice and other staples. The Iron Tip plow was a new invention in to the world which helped in solving these problems. The iron tip plow was an improvement to the earlier versions of the plow.
Prezi by: Arnav Bhargava
Introduction to the iron age
Iron age started and ended in different places in different times. Iron age did not come in the same time as some places were not as developed as others.In this age Iron became much more common in use as it was cheaper and easier to find than Bronze and other metals found in the earlier ages. More advanced technology was found in this age. The Iron age lead to the creation of more advancement agriculture tools and weaponary having a great impact on later civilisations.
The Iron Tip Plow
For centuries tools have been a very important aspect of the development of humans, tools helps mankind a lot in doing the work efficiently. Tools like Swords, Sickle, Cannons, Querns and Plows. Among these tools I think that the Iron Tip Plow had the greatest impact on mankind
The plow is common tool used for farming, it digs out the hard soil and pulls up the soft soil. For putting the seeds into ground.
The Early Plows
Before the invention of the plow, farming was much more laborious than before. In the early times people had to spend a lot of time in plowing. Population had also started increasing and the demand of food began to grow. The iron tip plow was the most effective tool of agriculture in the Iron Age which fulfilled the demands of the later civilisations. The plow had a great impact on the amount of work that had to be done. This imapcted the later civilisations greatly as the amount of labour had decreased. Civilisations could now develop a lot more faster and discover more and new technology
The earlier versions of the plow were not as developed as before. The first plow was called a digging stick or the ARD- which was made in India -was normally made out of wood. Later an improved wooden plow came into use but these plows would break very easily and then the Iron Tip Plows. Which were much more effective stronger than other types of plows.
Impact On The World
The Iron Tip plow was very efficient than other type of plows. Due to its durability and effectiveness it did not take as much time as other type of plows. Iron was of course harder then wood so it did not break easily. If the families in the olden times did not get enough food, they might starve. The later civilisation could take the advantage of the fact that the amount of food had greatly increased, people could not survive without food, ofcourse.
The plow was adaptive and easy to make, it could easily be used, farmers could now find ease in farming. Farmers could now supply a lot of food to a community. Domestication of animals helped a lot in farming, people started using Oxen, Bullocks and Horses for plowing, making farming very easy. Because of this innovation, farming had became much more easier in the later ages. As this innovation got more in use.
Impact On The World
That the Iron Tip plow was invented in China in the 475 BCE
Did You Know?
The first plow was invented in the 4000 BCE in Egypt
Did You Know?
That the plow was one of the first farming devices.
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With all this satisfying evidence, it is well-proven that the plow had the greatest impact on the furthering of later civilisations.
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