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"The No Guitar Blues"

No description

jareny rajo

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of "The No Guitar Blues"

" The No Guitar Blues"
Rising Action

Fausto notice that Roger wasm from a rich money.He decide to lie to the family and told them that he found Roger in the freeway. Fausto took the bike of his sister and he took Roger to his house. In the house of the dog Fausto was amazed by the family house. The owner of Roger go out and saw fausto with Roger
In the end it was the second-happiest day of his life. The happiest was when his grandfather Lupe placed the guitarron, which was nearly as large as a washtub, in his arms. The guitarron was more complicated than Fausto imagined. But he was confident that after a few more lessons he could start a band that would someday play on “ American Bandstand” for dancing crowds.
Falling Action
Fausto could managed to get only one job to hurry down to the store to buy a loaf of bread.While he was eating snacks, he saw a dog walked up and sniffed his leg. He saw that it was sort of a fancy dog, a terrier or something with name tags and also it looked well fed and healthy. He decided to took the dog back home for which he thought he would get money as a reward. On the name tag, the dog name was found, it was Roger and the address was six blocks away.


The main character in the story "No Guitar Blues" is Fausto. Fausto Fausto knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life when he saw the Los Lobos on “ American bandstand”. The conflict of the story is that he wanted to play guitar on his own band. But he didn't have enough money to buy a guitar. So decide to get a job and buy a guitar.
Rising Action
The man called his wife and Roger repeated words to the woman as he said to the man. The family treat Fausto so nice. They give him food and even invite him again to their house. When Fausto was close to leave the man was giving him the reward that he was wishing. But Fausto didn't accept it he was feeling guilty. Fausto came back to his home feeling bad. He was having a problem with himself about what to do with the money. The next morning he went church without none telling him. In the end Fausto donate the money to the church.
Fausto felt much better after church. He went home and played football in the front yard with his brother and some neighbor kids. His pant was torn when he was playing and he thought he could have bought some Levi’s. He had to forget about buying a guitar. He spent the next day playing soccer in his good pants which has already torn in other day.
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