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FOA Presentation-The Cranberries-Zombie Analysis

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Asel Durdu

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of FOA Presentation-The Cranberries-Zombie Analysis

The Cranberries-Zombie

Information of the Band
To talk about the audience
To talk about the purpose...
Content and Theme
The England-Ireland Civil War
To understand the song well, we need to know some brief information about this civil war.
Now to go deeper into the song...
Tone and Mood
While talking about all these, the author uses a sad and angry tone because...
Stylistic Devices and Structure
Let's first remember the lyrics.
The Cranberries
It is an Irish alternative rock band. There are 4 members of it. The most important member is Dolores O'Riordan, because she is the soloist of the band.
Dolores O'Riordan
She is also an Irish person. She was born in 1971 and she had strongly Catholic parents like the most of the Ireland.
She is the writer of the song called "Zombie".
This song was released in 1993 which two children died in as a result of a bombing in Warrington(England), done by IRA(Ireland Republican Army). It is said that this song's inspiration is these two boys and it is a song for peace among England and Ireland.
The main reason starts from the time that English and Scottish people came to the Northern Ireland and start to dominate catholic Irish people in 1600's.
IRA(Irish Republican Army) was founded in 1916 and Southern Ireland was finally independent in 1922. In 1960's, IRA came back together to make Northern Ireland independent from UK. So now, IRA was with the catholic people, and a group called UVF(Ulster Volunteer Force) was founded by the people who take side by England and unionist protestants.
In 1970's, IRA made more attacks on England.
Title of the Song
In mythology, "zombie" means: A supernatural spirit that brings dead bodies back to life.
In modern: Re-living corpses that are said to be eat human brains.
And that means...
Some people think that killing humans for the sake of independence is something good.(In this case, these people are the members of the IRA) But nowadays, it is realized that zombies are not good as it is thought before, they even eat their alive brains that are the center of logic.
We can say that in the past, IRA and its supporters thought that they were doing something good. But when the time passes, they have started seeing that they were actually killing people. So when they realize that, they finally took away their weapons in 2005.
There is no word that specializes the audience as "Irish and English people" but if somebody knows about these "troubles", he/she can easily understand that this song is about Ireland-England civil war.
But when a person who doesn't know about that war listens to this song, he/she may think that it is a song about every war in the world. It is a song for peace for those who don't know about that war.
Since we know that this song's audience is people who take side by fighting, we can say that its purpose is to make these people understand how do people feel when they are in a war. Shortly, it tries to persuade people that war is bad for the ones who are in it.
To link it to the meaning of the song's title, as I said before Zombie has two meanings. Let's first remember it.
This song's theme is obviously war. It is talking about the war and its effects but how?
Before talking about the content of the song, let's remember the lyrics first.
When she does that, it will be easier to understand these families situations'.
Since these families have bad situations, they should be mad at the people who started this war so this makes this song's mood angry.
They also tell what they have been through and that cannot be good, so this makes the song depressed.
At the first line of the song, there is a sentence "Another head hangs lowly"
And here, we see a direct speech to the audience, which is people who start the war.
And here, we see a repetition of the word "zombie".
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Northern Ireland is independent, and IRA took away their weapons in 2005. And to be honest, the effects of this and U2's song called "Sunday Bloody Sunday" on IRA about these "troubles" can't be ignored.
When we look at to the lyrics
Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken
And if violence causes silence
Who are we mistaking
But you see it's not me
It's not my family
In your head in your head
They are fighting

With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns
In your head in your head they are crying

In your head
In your head
Zombie zombie zombie
What's in your head
In your head.
Zombie, zombie, zombie

Another mother's breaking heart is taking over
And the violence causes silence
We must be mistaken
It's the same old thing since 1916
In your head in your head
They're still fighting
With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns
In your head in your head they are dying

In your head
In your head
Zombie zombie zombie
What's in your head
In your head.
Zombie, zombie, zombie

Here, it says "1916" and as we can see it is not the beginning or end of a war. But the ones who knows about Ireland-England thing, they understand that 1916 is the date of foundation of IRA.
As a result, we can say that this song's audience is war sided people who founded IRA and kept killing people even the war is over.
Here we see that the singer talks directly to the audience but who? With these sentences, it is possible to determine a specific audience as people who take side by fighting. They are probably the founders of the IRA.

So we can say that mythological meaning is for the ones that started the war and do not get affected by it, and the modern meaning is for the ones that are actually in the war and fighting.
So in this song, the author talks about her/his family's situation in the war, even they are innocent, they are fighting and crying. Even they are innocent, they are the most affected ones. By saying these, the author tries to make the war sided people understand those families' situation and not fighting anymore.
But to tell these situations to everybody, author uses stylistic devices and some structural properties. Let's have a look at them.
As a result, this song's tone is angry, and the mood is sad and depressed.
Here, we can say that while she is talking about the hanged body, she tries to involve everybody to the song's mood by sounding it like slowly, but actually saying "hangs lowly".
Because if you imagine a body hanging lowly slowly, it makes you feel shuddered and feeling something makes you involved to something.
And by doing this, the author makes people who listen to this song understand better the situations of the people who is actually in the war, fighting, crying and dying.
Since know that the audience is people who started the war, we can say that the author is talking about the badness in these people's brains. And by repeating it, we can understand the intensity of these bad thoughts.
Here, we see one more repetition. This time, it was done for the word "bombs".
We can say its aim is making everybody understand that there are a lot of bombs.
And there is also sound imagery with this word. The word "bomb" is also used to tell the sound of a bomb so we can say that the author tries to tell the voices in the streets.
In this side of the song, there is also an imagery done by using the words "tanks" and "guns" other than the word "bombs". In these sentences, the author tells the looking of the streets by her point of view.
When we listen to the chorus, we can hear the guitar harder when the singer says the word "zombie". This also shows the tone of the singer, the anger.
To make an overview, we can say that this song is about the war among Ireland and England. It talks about the situation of the people in the war, to the people who started the war with an angry and sad tone. To make these situations more clear in people's minds, the author uses a lot of stylistic devices.
Here, her age is pretty important because this will show us that she has been through the times that I am going to talk about.
To talk about the structure of the song, we can say that there are lots of rhymes that make the song more memorable.
In the line, "What's in your head?", we see a rhetorical question. The author knows the answer of the question, but she tries to make the criminals understand their crimes by asking and answering the question in stead of them.
And with this, we see the effect of language and identity on the song.
And she also blames herself and other people that are the victims of the war with still keeping the silence even they are dying.
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