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J351b Final Presentation

Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) mailer brochure on the impact of Senate Bill 375: Redesigning Communities to Reduce Greenhouse Gases.

Meredith Deane

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of J351b Final Presentation

Biggest MPO in USA!

6 counties

189 cities

> 19 million residents •What is SB 375?
•How will SB 375 affect me?
•What is SCAG?
•How does SCAG affect me?
•So… Now what do I do?
•How can I help?
•Where can I find more information? BROCHURE CONTENT int'l + regional planning forum

plans and policies for a sustainable SoCal

improve the quality of life for Southern Californians! transportation
air quality
land use needs
growth management
housing development
hazardous waste management ...

AND other issues of regional significance! SCAG = M.I.A. from public's conscious

illegal to "promote" SCAG

what this really means is that SCAG is not allowed to publicize itself
the reason why is that SCAG receives government funding, and it is illegal for any such ORG to 'propagandize' is proon it's own behalf prohibited from using its funding to influence domestic public opinion.
CHALLENGES AUDIENCE Southern California residents of the six counties that SCAG functions as the MPO for: Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura and Imperial. PURPOSE WHAT: INFORM and EDUCATE and to educate the public of Southern California about how California Senate Bill 375 (Steinberg): Linking Regional Transportation Plans to State Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals is pertinent to their lives, and how SCAG is involved in promoting the condition of their lives by working to accomplish this bill’s goals.

•The secondary purpose of the brochure is a call to action, providing the audience with low-effort and low-cost ways to get involved in promoting positive change for posterity. PRODUCTION/DISTRIBUTION
Emotional response
Investment in success of programs! --
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