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Guide Dogs

No description

Crystal Ma

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs
Introduction of
Problems of Guide Dogs in Hong Kong
Knowing More about Guide Dogs
dogs that assist owners who are legally blind

helping a blind owner navigate around obstacles
Guide Dogs
Ma crystal zhan -ying 13203851

Mak Wan chi 13208160

wong wai shan 13203975

specially trained to guide their owners around obstacles

help them find destinations on command

recognize and navigate around common obstacles such as pot holes, utility poles, etc.
Group 7
1. Misunderstanding of
2. Number of Guide Dogs
only 4 guide dogs in Hong Kong
“4 Users 4 Dogs” (4U4D)
Dirty, dangerous, noisy are always
the image of the dogs
given to the public
3. Acceptability of Guide Dogs
many public places do not allow guide dogs entering (e.g. shops, restaurants etc.)
So dirty!!!!!
So dirty!!!!!
So dirty!!!!!
So dirty!!!!!
Don’t be Afraid of Guide Dogs
tHEY are very well-trained
they wON'T present any kind of threat to your safety.
Guide dogs are allowed in just about any public place
They’re Guide Dogs,
not Guard Dogs
Guide dogs are able to
make judgments of their own
Be mindful of guide dogs
when they are working
“3 Don'ts"
“1 Do"
Don't Yell
Don't Pet
Don't Feed
Do Offer Assistance
They protect their owners by helping them do things like cross the street safely
not meant to completely protect their owners from all security threats
a guide dog is meant to provide a service to its owner
They are trained to serve a specific purpose
Guide dogs demonstrate intelligent disobedience by noticing cues in the environment

intelligent disobedience
Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, guide dogs are allowed to accompany their owners into establishments that serve the public, including businesses with a “no pets” policy.
Many Places are trying to accept Guide Dogs entering
in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association
Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services
• To train local professionals for the
seeing eye dog industry

• To breed and train seeing eye dogs

• To provide trained seeing eye dogs and
follow-up services free of charge to
suitable visually-impaired applicants

• To promote seeing eye dog protection and
to prevent abandonment and
mistreatment of the dogs after matching

• to work with visually impaired communities to
better meet their needs and demands for guide dog

• to promote and educate the general public for a
proper understanding about guide dogs and their

• to train up local professionals in the guide dog

• with the assistance of international institutions, to
optimize the guide dog service industry locally in
order to live up to the standards of IGDF
(International Guide Dog Federation) certifications.

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