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The Night She Disappeared Plot Diagram

No description

Tatyanna Paul

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of The Night She Disappeared Plot Diagram

The Night She Disappeared by April Henry Plot Diagram
Gabie Klug is the main character and she is a nobody. She is a senior in high school. Her parents are surgeons and they're never home. She drives a black Mini Cooper. She is told by Drew, her work friend, that Kayla, their other work friend, is missing. And that the guy on the phone that ordered the three large pizzas asked for her. Gabie knows and feels that Kayla isn't dead, so she teams up with Drew to find Kayla before she is.
Rising Action:
Ronald Hewett a.k.a "John Robertson" is the antagonist. He has thinning dark hair and little round framed glasses. He is an architectural model builder. He was the man that placed the order for the three pizzas the night that Kayla went missing.
Major Character:
Kayla Cutler is the major character and she is a senior in high school. She has black hair, blue eyes and skin that's pale like milk. Kayla took "John Robertson's" order and never came back.
Minor Character:
Drew Lyle is the minor character and a senior in high school. He is a straight-C student that's a loser. He has gray eyes and long, sun-streaked hair. His mother is a drug addict that steals things. He was the one that took the order that Kayla never came back from.
Other Characters:
Officer Thayer (the officer that helped in Kayla's case), Pete (the owner of the pizza restaurant where Kayla went missing), Brock (Kayla's ex-boyfriend), Cody Renfrew (suspect in Kayla's case), Steve and Gail Klug (Gabie's parents), and Mr. and Mrs. Cutler (Kayla's parents).
This story takes place in Portland, Oregon. In the mid to late 2000s. It takes place in the mid to late 2000s, because the cars that are mentioned in the story (The black Mini Cooper, the red Ford Taurus and the BMWs) are described and I researched and found all three car's year's between 2006-2012. And because the author, April Henry, published this book in 2012. Therefore this book took place in the mid to late 2000's in Portland, Oregon.
Kayla Cutler, a Pete's Pizza delivery girl, goes out on an order and never comes back. Gabie finds out that the man called in a fake pizza order and asked for her. She teams up with Drew, who also works at Pete's, to find Kayla, because deep down she knows she's alive and that it should have been her.

Sergeant Thayer finds Kayla's car with the keys in the ignition, and her purse was on the seat. But the door was open, and there were pizza boxes scattered on the ground.
The police find a bloody rock on the bank of Willamette River, 200 yards away from Kayla's car.
Alice Russo, a witness, calls the police and tells them that she saw a white, older, Toyota pickup. And it was driving really slow and was unfamiliar in the neighborhood.
Kayla's alive, but only her and the kidnapper, "John Robertson" knows.
Gabie can't sleep and is obsessing over Kayla, because she knows she was supposed to be the one that was kidnapped.
An anonymous tipper tells the police that it was Cody Renfrew, because he painted his white truck brown.
The blood on the rock matches Kayla's DNA.
Sergeant Thayer has an interview with Cody Renfrew. Sgt. Thayer lies to Cody about the DNA on the bloody to scare the truth out of him, but it doesn't work. Sgt. Thayer also asks him about why he painted his truck brown. Cody answered by saying it had a scratch.Then he asked him why he was down by the river. Cody said it was because he was sellng scrap metal parts. Finally,Cody told them that he saw an average sized silver car with a man inside of it.
The police conduct a search warrant at the residence of Cody Renfrew.
Gabie and Drew go over to Kayla's house to have a psychic reading from Elizabeth Lamb, a professional psychic, that is helping the family to see if Kayla's dead. Elizabeth comes up with a conclusion that Kayla drowned in the river, but Gabie doesn't believe it.
Cody Renfrew kills himself. When the police arrive they find a note in his pocket that says "Please forgive me"
The Cutlers have a funeral for Kayla, because everyone thinks that Kayla's dead, because Cody killed himself.
"John Robertson" is thinking of killing her now since everyone thinks she's dead.
Kayla is planning ways to kill "John". And she might kill herself before he can kill her.
"John Robertson" sees a black mini cooper with a glowing Pete's Pizza sign. He is certain it is Gabie so he stays on the bumper and crashes in to it. They pull over and "John" come out of his car and call Gabie's name, but to his surprise it's Drew. "John" gets back in his car and drives away, before Drew realizes that he is the kidnapper. But it's too late.
Drew calls Gabie and tells her he's following the kidnapper. She quickly jumps into Miguel's car and speeds to where Drew is.
They stop at an old farmhouse that is miles away from the other houses. Drew has a tire iron in hand and Gabie finds a gun. They kneel down by a window and peek through.
They see "John" run downstairs and then hear a woman screaming. Gabie starts dialing 911. Drew tries to open the door, but it's locked he slams his shoulder into it, but it still doesn't budge. The woman screams again. Drew smashes the door's window, then opens the lock.
Drew tries to shout, "police" to scare "John", but he doesn't even hesitate. Gabie sees that it's Kayla and she's okay. And "John" is bleeding, Kayla had attacked him. "John" points his gun up at Kayla. Drew yells, "drop your weapon," but he still doesn't budge. Gabie tries to pull the trigger on the gun. Nothing but a little pop, sounds. It was a BB gun. Drew tries to throw the tire iron at "John" and misses.
Kayla swings a board at "John's" gun. It slides into the dark corner. The lights turn off. "John" has Gabie, holding a screwdriver to the side of her neck. "John" tells Drew to get the gun and bring it to him. He stabbed Gabie in the neck, then kicked both Gabie and Kayla. He goes to his pegboard and gets a monkey wrench. He lifts it overhead, Drew pulls the trigger.
Falling Action
The Police arrive at the scene.
Gabie's unconscious and her throat is bleeding.
Drew's arm is bleeding and Kayla has a huge gash in her head.
They all are transported to the hospital in ambulances.
The police are shocked that Kayla is alive.
Later in the hospital, Kayla's parents and brother visit her and they are so happy that she's alive.
Kayla's head was shaved and stitched up from the gash, Drew's arm took 17 stiches, and Gabie got stitches for her neck.
Later Drew and Gabie get plaques and medals from the police chief, Clayton Yee for being courageous and good friends, while rescuing Kayla.
Gabie never gave up on Kayla, because she always knew that Kayla was alive and she didn't give up when everyone else did. The message of the story is that you should never lose hope and you should stay strong, because in the end you'll find who or what your looking for no matter where you look.
Initial Moment of Conflict
It's a slow night at Pete's Pizza almost time for closing when a man named "John Robertson" calls for three large pizzas to be delivered. Kayla takes the order and never comes back.
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