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Unit 1: Colonization

No description

Zeshan Khan

on 10 August 2017

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Transcript of Unit 1: Colonization

Unit 1 Colonization
Almost four hundred years ago
a group of brave and determined
individuals got into a boat much
like this...
and risked everything for a life
Was something so great on the other side of the ocean that the possibilities were to strong to ignore?
Was something so horrible at home that they were forced to leave?
These were known as the push/pull factors.
There were many reasons why the colonist came to the New World.
What would possess people to risk so much?
There were many reasons why the colonist came to the new world
religious freedom
a new beginning
This unit will focus on the exploration and colonization of the original 13 English colonies. You will learn how and why the colonies were formed and how the founding of these colonies led to the birth of the United States.
European Colonization gave the countries their right to claim the land in North America.
The Early Colonies helped establish the beginnings of representative government.
the economies of the 13 colonies were dependent on the geography of each colony.
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