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Where will your journey take you?

No description

Suzanne DeGraves

on 29 November 2017

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Transcript of Where will your journey take you?

Options for Training After High School
(post high school credentials)

2-Year College
4-Year College
On-the-job Training
Trade School/Career College
Combination of Options

Arts & Communication
Career Pathways

Business, Management,
Marketing & Technology
Health Sciences
Engineering, Manufacturing,
& Industrial Technology
Human Services
Natural Resources &
Your Visit to VBTC
Check out our programs for yourself during 10th Grade Cluster Visits, in early December!

Choose the
cluster that best suits your

Mrs. DeGraves,
Your VBTC Counselor

You'll be visiting
in December!

Do you have a plan for next year and beyond?

and your high school can help you form a plan!

Remember your
Educational Development Plan

Remember your top
Career Pathways

Career Development Steps


Decision Making

Option Awareness

Self Awareness
What do I like?
What am I good at?

What are my career options?
What are my training options?

Which options are best for me?
How do I get there?
Opportunities You Won't Find Just Anywhere . . .

College & Career Readiness
Field Trips & Guest Speakers
Job Shadows
Co-operative Learning Experiences
Student Organizations & Competitions
National Technical Honor Society
College Day & Campus Visits
Job Interview Preparation & Practice (Mock Interviews)
Clinical Experiences in Healthcare Facilities
Integrated Academics in math, English & science
VBTC Ambassador Program
Programs . . .
Commercial Art
Print Media
Arts & Communication
Business, Management, Marketing & Technology
Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Cyber Security & Networking
Software Engineering
Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
Auto Body
Polymer Technologies
Advanced Manufacturing
Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
Health Sciences
Auto BES & EEP
Construction Trades
Health Sciences
Medical Biotechnology

Pharmacy Technician

Fundamentals of Patient Care
Allied Health
Engineering &Architectural Design
Cadet Teacher Academy
Human Services
Early Childhood Careers & Education
Human Services
Culinary Arts & Catering Management
Law Enforcement
Fire Science
Human Services
Agriscience & Natural Resources
Agriculture & Natural Resources
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