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The Wendat Tribe

By: Alicia, Janakitti and Jonathan

Alicia Pan

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The Wendat Tribe

l Physical Needs Group Needs Environment -had rolling hills, valleys, lakes and very fertile land
-had four distinct seasons; hot summers and cold winters
-there was medium to heavy precipitation
-mixed forests; maple, oak, beech, spruce and pine Food -grew corn, beans and squash in autumn
-deer were hunted in autumn for hide, fat and meat
-mushrooms, roots, onions pumpkins , and sunflower seeds
were stored in the winter supply
-food was stored in pottery, such as containers, baskets and
-women planted blueberries, cherries, raspberries and strawberries
during the summer
-fishing could be done all year round
-nets were used to catch large numbers of fish
-fish were hung over fire
-herbs were used for healing Clothing -men wore loincloths made out of beaver or deer hide
-moccasins were worn on feet
-women wore skirts
-they often had body paint on
-thin strips of leather were used to sew thing together
-clothes were decorated with beads, porcupine quills and feathers
-jewelery was made of beads and shells Shelter -lived in longhouses, wigwams or teepees
-longhouses could hold up to 10 families
-teepees were made of animal skin and wooden sticks
-wigwams were in pyramid or circular shapes
-floors inside shelters were covered with branches from evergreen trees
-there were fires to keep warm Traditions -was split into four different groups: the Bear, Deer, Rock, and Cord
-if a group leader needs to discuss something, he would call a meeting
-Wendat meant"people who live on the back of the great turtle"
-had celebrations to mark the three phases in life: birth, puberty, and death Politics Spirituality -society was based around groups of
families within a clan structure
- had 12 clans: the big turtle, little turtle, mud turtle, wolf, bear, beaver, deer, porcupine, striped turtle, highland turtle, snake and hawk
- a group of related families belong to a lineage
- all people in clan were a
descendant of a
female ancestor -believed everything in nature
-did many spiritual practices
-used many symbols for decorations
-symbols showed connections from the real world and the spirit world
-had powerful healers
-used herbs as medicines
-considered dreams to be important
-corn was a gift from the Creator Thank for listening!
-spoke the Iroquoian language
- Wendat was also called Huron and Wyandotte
-family clans were traced back along patrilineal lines Weapons and Tools Recreation - old people told stories
and legends
- they had contests
for skill in sports
like racing, archery,
snow- snake,
double ball
and lacrosse -developed tools using the natural resources in their environment
-spears with wood shafts and sharpened heads were used
-heads could be made of obsidian (a type of rock)
-head would usually be triangular
-bows and arrows used to shoot game
-men made fences to capture deer and other animals
-women used hollow logs to grind corn
-fishers used spears, fishing poles, and large nets
-made knives and scrapers to cut animal skin and scrape off bit of fat
-made wooden snowshoes and toboggans to travel in winter Some of our information was from these sources:
canada'sfirstpeoples.com, thecanadianencyclopedia.com, Canada Reviseted gr.6, mrneely.wikispaces.com, www.bigorrin.org, Wikipedia and www.indianamarketing.com. Facts Symbol of the twelve clans Jiggay! Friends and Enemies -the Wendat tribe and the Iroquois Tribe used to be friends and were in one tribe until they got in a fight and split into two different tribes, and they were enemies since then
-the Iroquois Tribe kept attacking the Wendat tribe so they kept on moving to different villages until they knew they were safe The Wendat Tribe By: Alicia, Janakitti and Jonathan Now, let's get started on
our hands on activity! Transportation - their main transportation was canoe, animals, and by foot
-most canoes were made with birch bark or elm bark
-snowshoes were used in the winter. they were made of cowhide, and babiche Canoe Introduction The Wendat Tribe was an aboriginal group from the 17th century. The Wendat tribe had about 16000 to 30000 people living in southeastern Ontario. The Wendats traded their corn and tobacco for the furs from the Aboriginal nations. Here's some more information that we would like to share with you.

Enjoy! Longhouse Snow shoes We are going to make

SNOWSHOES! There are many different types of snowshoes, here are some examples:
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