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Persuasive Project

No description

Austin Chan

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Persuasive Project

Persuasive Project Topic: Against Cell Phones On at school By AUSTIN CHAN I think that cell phones should stay off at school. Reason 1: Distractions. A sudden random ring can disrupt or distract a class. They ruin presentations, disrupt concentration, and can cause total pandemonium. Reason 2: Cheating. One of the worst things you can do with your phone. Kids record and text answers and give or even sell them to their friends. Reason 3: Bullying. There's cyber, verbal, physical, and other types of bullying. Cell phones add another way for bullies to bully. Don't bully or get bullied! Turn off your phone. Call to Action: We should have metal detectors and when we find the phones, put a computer chip onto it that keeps it off until deactivated. We should have both of these things installed within a year. Turn off your phone and be safe. " If your cell phone's on, you could become a con." Credits:
prezi.com CREDITS:abcnews.go.com/.../GadgetGuide/popup?id=3298909
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