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kaitlin fjdkls

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of ewe

Thank you for your time and consideration!
The rough-skinned newt is considered one of the most toxic animals in the world.
They create the neurotoxin tetrodotoxin.
Bonding with muscles
The product has the opportunity to sell in many markets:
Emergency First Responders
Red Cross efforts
Profit estimations very high in markets
Intentions to only take it through product testing then sell

Research: 5 years
Engineering: 2 years
NDA Approval: 20-30 months
Patenting: 1-2 years
Selling of Company: 1 year
Total: 11-13 years
Marketing Strategy
Target Markets:
Red Cross and other NFP organizatons
United States Military
Hospitals for EMT and ER usage

Business Plan
NEWTralize System
Plan for Product Testing (Toxin)
Funding Strategy
Company Structure & Branding
Natural Disasters
Trauma Sites
Emergency Vehicles
Compare lives lost to possible lives saved
Animal treatment:
Animal Welfare Act (1966)
American Psychological Association
Treatment of nonhuman animals in research must be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and institutional policies
Human testing practices and volunteers
Molecular Formula: C11H17N308
How it Works:
Inhibits action potentials in nerve cells by binding to the tube-shaped proteins used in voltage-gated sodium channel.
Symptoms of Tetrodotoxin Poisoning:
Parasthesia (tingling) of the lips and tongue, Hypersalivation, Sweating, Headache, Lethargy, Ataxia (incordination), Tremors, Dysphasia (difficulty swallowing), Dyspnea (shortness of breath), Hypotension, Respiratory difficulty
Angel investors
NIH Grant (R01 Research Project)
No specific dollar limit
Generally awarded for 3-5 years
All research types
$2.5M for first 5 years at which time the grant will be renewed pending successful results
CEO: Casey Schwichtenberg
COO: Kaitlin Jacobson
Job Description: leads daily operations of the company
Project Manager: Luci Morin
Job Description:Delivers solutions to market needs
Head of Marketing: Ryan Roach
Job Description: develops strategic marketing plans and branding techniques
Head of Research: Emily Ghose
Job Description: leading and overseeing research functions
Chief Technical Officer: Jordan Meyer
Job Description: solving scientific and technological issues with mechanical injection process
Lab Technician: Rosa Lopez
Job Description: Day to Day Lab activities, maintenance, and quality control

The antibody is called T20G10.
It's a monoclonal antibody, which means the cells all are clones of the parent cell.
The antibody would be administered 30 seconds before the toxin.
There are very few patents surrounding the use of toxins and even fewer surrounding tetrodotoxin.
WEX Pharmaceuticals has patented tetrodotoxin for use with systemic Analgesia.
Edward Fairstein owns an analyzer for "pulse height distribution" in use for toxins as paralysis.

Plan for Product Testing (Test 3)
Form fitting electronics
Ultimate current portability
Quick and Safe
Simple to harvest
Complex, accurate algorithms
Any doctor could use it
Test 3: Testing on will be done with a prototype
The test will have 3 mice divided into seperate groups, one by human and one by algorithmic calibration (This process is repeated until 90% accuracy).
The prototype will be edited with scrutiny until it meets expectetions
Test 1: Testing the correct amount of dosage on mice

The mice testing will occur by having 1 control and 25 test mice for each dosage group of 8, 7, 6, & 5 microliters of tetrodotoxin

Test 2: Testing on the product with other medical equipment/chemicals (test on Anesthesia & Antiseptic).

Tests will be conducted with other anesthetics to make sure NEWTralize doesn't cause deadly by-products
Two outcomes and solutions
Forty-five thousand dollars for ten years
Covers lab equipment
Covers animals
Covers maintenance
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