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Our First trip to Disney World

No description

Leslie Horton

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Our First trip to Disney World

Double click anywhere & add an idea Our First Trip to Disney World By Leslie Horton Day 1 Day 2 Our Last Day at Disney On our first day we went to Epcot Center. We got to meet Mickey and Minnie. As you can see, Minnie fell in love with my son, Cody. This was his very first trip to Disney World, and it was also his 11th Birthday. That first day really did me in. When we got back to the hotel, I collapsed in a heap on the bed and didn't move till morning. On our second day, we toured all over Universal Studios, and ended the afternoon at Magic Kingdom. We had some much fun. Cody just had to see if he was the man for the job, instead of King Arthur. He said, "Mom, that thing started to move, but I knew ou were getting tired." I sure do love that kind-hearted boy of mine. Isn't he the sweetest? On our last day at Disney, we began and finished our trip at the Magic Kingsom. As they say, "you can't go to Disney without geting your picture taken infront of the Castle." So, to end our fun filled vacation, we toured the sights and rode the rides of Magic Kingdom. But, just wait till next year!
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