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Valuation of LinkedIn (& Twitter)

No description

Jens S

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Valuation of LinkedIn (& Twitter)

Company profile: LinkedIn
Competitive Strengths
Competitive Strengths
Company Profile: Twitter
Online professional network created in 2002.
259 million members
200 different countries
2 new members every second
Revenue in 2013 was $1.52 bn
User base is older
Real time sharing
More likely to engage with advertisements compared to other social media
Large opportunity to partake in "second screen" movement
Flexibility across technology (android & IOS)
Free speech
Direct competitors are Facebook, Google (circles) and LinkedIN
Professional social media
possibility to connect with other professionals with a system of connections
Internet platform applications:
LinkedIn in corporate solutions
LinkdIn in Jobs
LinkedIn in ads
International leader of professional networks
Recognized by the corporate world
Mass popularity across all industries
Ergonomy; is very well designed compared to its competitors
High growth rate and a low risk company
Indirect competitors are Facebook and Twitter
Direct competitors are Monster, Viadeo and Xing
Platform for users to express themselves
Set of tools, API's and embeddable widgets
Promoted products, tweets and accounts
Subscription to access data
Global platform for public self expression and conversation in real timer
Twitter owns Vine
Founded in 2006 with head quaters in San Fransisco
Highly recognizable brand across the world
IPO was sat to 26 $ per share in november 2013
By: Carole Roussel-Endicott, Megan Armour, Pan Ao & Jens Stürup
Valuation of LinkedIn
(& Twitter)

Key Shareholders:
Reiff Hoffman (founder) 21,4 %
Sequoia Capital 18,9 %
Bessemer Venture Partners 5,1 %
Key Shareholders
Key Value Drivers
Users are adopting LinkedIn before Twitter, however once adopting Twitter it has a higher market share
Stock Price Comparison
Twitter IPO: $ 26/share November 2013 - now 45,26/per share
LinkedIn: $45/share May 2011
Important Events

June 2006: Twitter opens to the public
Sept. 2009: Valued at $ 1bn.
Dec. 2011: Valued at $ 10 bn.
Nov. 2013: IPO $ 26/per share
April 2014: $ 45,26/per share
Important Events
Founded in 2002, launched 2003
2006: 20 million users
2006: Reached profitability
2010: First acquisition (Mspoke)
Ranked 10/100 most valuable start ups
IPO: $ 45/ share
First day a rise of 171 % ($ 94,25)
April 2014: Shares worth $ 174,20
Relative Valuation
Technology of connections
Connecting workers
Brand image in the corporate world
Design of the webpage
Subscription tiers
Innovators and first movers
International accessibility
Huge client database (3.3 bn.)
Big revenues in advertising
Brand image and recognition
JavaScript Technology
Diffusion rate (early adopters)
Ability to enhance company customer service
Level of individual and and personal trust
Professional environment to foster debate (more than its competitors)
Celebrity accessibility
Advertisment injection as revenue generator
RTLC Management, LLC 14,45 %
J.P. Morgan 8,43 %
Spark Management Partners 5,5 %
now $ 174,20/per share
Relative Valuation
DCF Valuation
LinkedIn 10 years projection
Twitter 10 years projection
Facebook 10 year projection
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