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Research paper

No description

Kendle Bryan

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Research paper

Is it art or vandalism?
By: Kendle Bryan Graffiti expresses oneself by defining who they are. Every graffitist has their own individual and rebellious style. To complete a piece, it takes imagination, planning and effort. These are the same three necessities to complete a canvas painting. Graffiti has cultural background. It evolved around the late 1960's and grew tremendously by the early 1980's. It grew on the rise of hip-hop music. Graffiti is art because graffitists use their talents to express their inner feelings. Thesis Statement 3 MAin Topics Culture Expressing Oneself Comparing Art to Graffiti Conclusion Graffiti is not graffiti if it cooped up in an art gallery. It has artistic form. It also has the same three components art needs to be classified as art. Culture, expression, and form. Why I Am Interested I am interested in the art of graffiti beacause I have an interest of drawing myself. With drawing, I feel like I can express myself through pencil and paper. Struggles One of my struggles with the research paper was finding how graffiti is compared to as art. I struggled with this because most people think graffiti is vandalism because of profanity. Strengths One of my strengths were finding graffiti's culture. Graffiti's culture dates back 20,00 years ago when hieroglyphics were drawn on pyramid walls. What I Learned From this project I learned that every graffitist has their own individual and rebellious sttyle. It all has to do with expressing yourself.
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