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The Spectacular World of Gymnastics

No description

lis lab3

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of The Spectacular World of Gymnastics

The Spectacular World of Gymnastics
During this presentation you will take a journey through the world of Artistic Gymnastics
By: Kerstyn Johnson
Do you know where and when gymnastics started?
In Ancient Greece in 20 bc.
Gymnastics is a difficult, breath-taking sport

To do gymnastics you need loads of equipment.
Equipment: beams,uneven bars, appropriate
vault, vault table, spring board, springs, appropriate
spring floor, eight-inch mats, four-inch mats, sting mats
panel mats, beam pads, vault pads, safety-zone mat,
braces, tape, grips, chalk, and anything else you might use.

Do you know the best place to do gymnastics?
A gymnasium with all the right equipment and enough room to use equipment.
The in Women's Artistic Gymnastics is to get a 10.00 on all four events to equal an all-around score of 40.00. Part of the goal is also to get to be a level TEN gymnast.
What are some skills that you can do in gymnastics?
Skills: Yurchenko Vault, Full Twist, Release, Pirouettes,
full in back out, and so many more.
Floor, Beam, Bars, Vault
Thank you so mush for watching! Hope you liked it!
Fun Facts About Gymnastics:
1. the word gymnastics comes from the greek word gymnazein
2. in the 1880's European immigrants introduced the sport to the U.S.A
3. the women's program was introduced in 1928
4. In 1948 routines were judged out of 20
5. The youngest Olympic gymnast was Nadia Comaneci aged 14 years 252 days (1976).
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