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Transitional Linkage into the Community (TLC Program)

No description

Allan Vega

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Transitional Linkage into the Community (TLC Program)

The program is comprised of four team members:
Project TLC Overview
Ensures smooth transition of HIV-positive inmates into the community immediately following their release from incarceration.
Medically focused
Statewide program
Voluntary and confidential
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
CT Department of Correction
Provide information and training to working in a correctional setting. Provide office space within designated correctional facilities in New Haven, Hartford & Bridgeport Parole & Community Enforcement office & YCI.
Correctional staff support.
Access to confidential interviewed area.

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
UConn Health Care
Assigned a medical contact person (ID Nurse) from each facility to coordinate the TLC program referrals and communicate with TLC staff

Designate one primary contact person to communicate with TLC Program Manager on specific programmatic issues and concerns

Project TLC Workflow
Referral Process
Referrals come from Infectious Disease Nurses in Department of Corrections

Referrals are made 90 days or less prior to inmate’s release

Transitional Linkage into the Community (TLC Program)
Alma Norris -
Program Manager - New London Region
Allan Vega -
Hartford/New Haven Region
Ken Flyte -
Bridgeport/New Haven Region
Christian Mulvey -
Hartford Region
Ryan White Part B Funding
CT Department for Public Health-Provides funding to ACT to implement services throughout the state. To monitor and report services to DPH

Collaboration with:
CT Department of Correction
Perform DOC/FBI security clearance for
all TLC Staff and provide proper
authorization and identification

The intake occurs within 10 business days from the time the referral is received

TCM conducts face-to-face meeting with the inmate in the prison

Intake Process
Needs Assessment
The TCM and client work together to identify the immediate needs upon release. For example:

Medical care
Medical Insurance
Substance Abuse Treatment
Mental Health Services
Food and clothing-Personal items

Service Plan
The TCM delivers a copy of the client’s service plan to the DOC Nurse at least 10 days before release

The TCM reviews service plan with the client before their release

Service Plan - Medical
TLC Case Manager is responsible for scheduling medical appointment with a primary care or HIV physician in the community

Service Plan - Housing
Stay with friend or relative
Return to own apartment
Move to a residential treatment program
Stay in an emergency shelter

Service Plan
TLC Case Manager will assists the client with the following programs:

Medical insurance application
CADAP if needed
Ensure that the client receives DOC medication voucher and have it processed at a pharmacy in the community
Provide information for client to apply with SNAP and Social Security benefits if needed

Service Plan - Basic Needs
TLC Case Manager assists client with basic needs items
Walmart vouchers are used for clothing and personal items
Stop and Shop vouchers are provided for food

Service Plan - Transportation
Bus passes are given for medical appointments

TLC Case Manager transports to appointments if needed

Provide information for assistance with medical cab when eligible

Service Plan
TLC Case Manager assists with obtaining IDs (birth certificate, photo ID, SS card)

Referrals to Mental Health provider if needed

Referrals to Methadone program, Suboxone program, AA/NA, In-Patient Tx

Service Plan - MCM referral
TLC Case Manager is responsible for linking clients with a Ryan White Medical Case Manager or other community based case manager

Discharge from TLC
Verify status of medical insurance
Verify compliance with first medical appointment
Verify linkage to Medical Case Management services or provide information as to where services can be obtained

Short-Term referrals
Uncertain release dates
Unexpected releases from court
Parole and TS cases
Housing resources
Inmates released from halfway houses
Relapse Issues

Connecticut DOC Facilities
Contact Information
Alma Norris
(860) 705-6563
York CI, and Southeastern region.

Allan Vega
(860) 990-2760
ACT Office, northerner region & New Haven.

Kenneth Flyte
(203) 209-8208
Parole & community services office in Bridgeport and New Haven

Christian Mulvey
(860) 380-0596
Parole & community services office in Hartford.
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