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ICBC Branding Final Presentation

No description

Steven Gao

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of ICBC Branding Final Presentation

ICBC’s Global Brand Positioning Strategy
—Regional Focus on the U.S.
Sunny, Jerry, Steven
Brand Architecture
Approaches to Brand Architecture
Logo Evolution
Challenge for Consumers
Too many Sub-brands

Some Sub-brands were not associated with Citi explicitly
Unified Brand Stategy
Simplified brand architecture

Unified brand identity
Continuity of JP Morgan Brand
Current Brand Architecture
Merger of two Giants
In 1998, NationsBank conducted a purchase of Bank America Corporation
Confusing Brand Architecture
Simple/Unified Structure
Short history since 1984

Jumped into financial leasing, mutual fund, and life insurance areas in recent years
1871, J.P. Morgan & Company
1955, Chase Manhattan Bank
2008, Bear Stearns
2004, Bank One Corporation
1966, Chemical Banking Corporation
Investment banking
Asset management
Private banking
Private wealth management
Treasury & securities services
Credit card services
Retail banking activities
Commercial banking activities
Definition of Brands
Our world. Your opportunity.
No specific brand value under
its dual branding strategy
Integrity Leads to Prosperity
To help improve the financial lives of our customers and clients
Relentless in driving winning performance for clients and franchise –any time, anywhere

Employees share in success and are committed to making a difference in the lives of people, organizations, and communities around the world
Citi brand value
Common Purpose

Responsible Finance


"...focus on supporting the communities in which we operate. From job creation, to providing
greater opportunities
for clients to achieve their financial potential in a responsible way, we are committed to improving the health of our economy"
We Deliver for Customers, Clients, Communities and Shareholders
BoA brand value
Deliver Together

Act Responsibly

Realize the Power of Our People

Trust the Team
Integrity Leads to Prosperity
ICBC brand value
ICBC brand vision
A global leading bank with the best profitability, performance and prestige
How to deliver brand image?
Brand message
Citi never sleeps
When it comes to turn your dreams into reality, citi never sleeps.
Brand message
Chase Focuses on What Matters to Consumers
Focus on What Matters to customers, alerting them to the ways Chase can help them manage their money and their lives.
Chase's emphasis on
recognition and advocacy
helps it stand out from competitors. It spotlights themes that matter to most consumers:
- Making it easy for customers to manage their financial lives.
- Using industry-leading tools to protect customers against fraud and identity theft and keep their finances safe, secure, and on track.
- Helping customers avoid financial problems and fees by providing a "heads up" before customers make a mistake and giving advice to help save time and money.
- Rewarding customers' business with points and cash, discounts and special offers.
- Providing competitive products and services with great service and innovative features.
Life’s better when we’re connected.
Brand message
We are Bank of America – helping to make financial lives better, through the power of every connection. By being more than a bank, we are a financial services provider that connects with you every step of the way.
"We know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is," the voiceover says at the end, followed by the briefest flash of an on-screen tagline ("Life's better when we're connected") and the client's logo.
Top large listed bank in the world in terms of
market cap, customers’ deposits and profitability
overseas institutes in
countries and regions
Operation in the U.S.
Established New York branch in
Sep. 2009
Bank of East Asia(USA) in 2012
and renamed it as
brand recognition
in Mainland,
SWOT Analysis
What Will ICBC Face In The U.S. Market?
Strong profitability

High brand recognition across the Chinese-speaking world

Extensive media exposure while acquiring BEA(USA)
Lack of global presence as compared to peers

Lack experience in operating a global brand
Expanding network in the U.S.
Trust crisis of American giant banks
Tightening relationship between China and America
Highly competitive environment
Cultural differences
Rare success of international bank giants in American market
Our Solution?
Focusing on
Target Audiences
Core Value
Be connected
Be differentiated
Be innovative
Unified Identity
Thank you!

Any Questions?
Presented by
Sunny Gao
Jerry Shao
Steven Gao
Master Brand
Holding Company
Typically "inherited"
-Gain greater visibility for the brand
-Broaden perceptions of the organization’s businesses
-Leverage brand investment
-Buy and sell business with ease
-Protect parent brand from sub-brand risk
-Address market segmentation needs, requiring distinct marketing and communications strategies
-Leverage existing brand equity
JP Morgan Chase brand value
Citi brand purpose
BoA brand purpose
To help improve the financial lives of our customers and clients
Driving Success
Our world. Your opportunity.
"We perform to the
highest standards
for our clients and our shareholders."
"We strongly believe that different perspectives and experiences bring
strength and creativity
to our work and lead to the development of the
best solutions
for our clients."
After all, we're the financial institution that was here, ready to take on the new challenges, when this world of opportunity arrived. And we're the one with the unparalleled experience and capabilities, both financial and human, to find the meaningful patterns, and help guide you to new paths for success.

We know you're always alert, always awake, always thinking.

And you always will be. Which is why Citi never gives up, never gives in, never rests, is never satisfied.

And why
Citi never sleeps
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