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Calculation Policy - Staff Meeting

No description

Dale Schofield

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Calculation Policy - Staff Meeting

Calculation Policy There are 3 types of people in the world; those who can count and those who can't! Multiplication Division Subtraction Key Points Rationale Why do we need a Calculation Policy? It is essential to be consistent in our approach to different methods of calculation.

Adopting a calculation policy means that children will be taught in the same way each year, thus developing their understanding of the subject as they move up through school, consequently teaching time will be spent in promoting effective and efficient methods of calculation. Discussion is key

Children will be taught to pick out number bonds wherever possible to aid calculations.

Number line methods are to be used throughout school – children need to be taught that if in doubt they should always draw a number line.

Teachers will encourage and promote the use of correct mathematical vocabulary.

Key Points Standard algorithms will only be taught at a time where the teacher, in consultation with the Maths Coordinator, feels that, by teaching algorithms it will aid that particular child’s understanding, however, any child that comes into school already proficient in standard algorithms will be able to choose which method he or she prefers. Key Points
Children will be encouraged to show their working out

Check their work by estimation to see if their answer is reasonable and, in key stage two, perform the inverse function to check for answer accuracy.

Where possible, mathematics will be used in other curriculum areas Addition Problem Solving Calculations should be done in context wherever possible – start with the problem and ‘unravel’ the calculation.

When problem solving, pupils need to jot down their information, even with mental arithmetic work.

Maths books function differently to other books, they are evidence of process and should be used by children in future sessions when they come across similar number function problems
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