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Reading Activity for EFL learners: Bullying is complicated

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Elias Samuels

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Reading Activity for EFL learners: Bullying is complicated

Bullying Let's Watch the Video What does the picture represent? Bullying is Complicated Bullying is Complicated Why do you think bullying is complicated? Bullying is to do things to hurt other people and have control over them. It is a serious problem. It's difficult to stop bullying because it is complicated—it happens in different ways and in different places. Vocabulary Verbs Get back
Have Control
Throw Nouns Bully
Playground Phrases Calling Names To cause pain or affliction to someone else Ugly comments hurt people very badly. They cause people feel sad. She pushed the boy. He hurt his knee. Occurs Bullies hurt other students in many ways. One way is hurting them physically—hitting, shoving, kicking, pushing, slapping, or punching them. Another way is hurting them with words (verbal bullying)—threatening them, calling them names, or saying ugly things about them. A third way is hurting them emotionally—not talking to them, leaving them out of school groups, or spreading rumors about them that are not true. North Korea threatens to attack United State. To cause someone feel insecure or anxious to make some something widely known They spread rumors about John.
They make everybody know about his problem. Bullying also happens in many different places. In the classroom, a bully might tear up another student's paper. In the school cafeteria, a bully might push another student's food tray on the floor. On the playground, bullies hit or punch a victim. On a school bus, a bully might grab a student's glasses and throw them to another bully when he tries to get them back. My baby brother always tears up my homework. He cuts it into pieces. THEM refers to:
papers Who does THEM refers to?
Students Bullies In conclusion, bullying is a very complicated problem because it doesn't always happen in the same way and it can happen almost anywhere. What does IT refer to?
Bullying By Mi Hye and Ju Hee from Korea
Taken and Adapted from http://www.topics-mag.com Before you continue reading, How do you think that bullies hurt students physically? How do you think that YOU can hurt someone verbally? After reading the paragraph, How do you think that bullies hurt people emotionally? Before you read, What places can a bully hurt students? After reading the paragraph, How can a bully harm students in the playground? How can a bully hurt a student in the classroom? Answer the questions about the reading. 1 Why is bullying complicated? 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 How do bullies hurt students physically? How can bullies hurt someone verbally? What are some ways a bully can hurt people emotionally? Where can a bully hurt children or teenagers? How can a bully harm students in the playground? How can a bully hurt a student in the classroom? Where are the authors from?
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