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Welcome to LiveSchool!

A tutorial for School Administrators to roll out LiveSchool with their team.

LiveSchool Inc.

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to LiveSchool!

LiveSchool helps motivate students and improve behavior through rewards, feedback, and consistent discipline. Here's how:
Welcome to LiveSchool
Giving Rewards +
Charging Students Bank Account

When you log in you will see all your classes so you can track points!
You Will Be Tracking Points from A Shared Rubric
What is LiveSchool?
Watch me!
The Basics
If you need help, ask!
There are many virtues that come along with achieving a higher consciousness, and many people argue that a state of higher consciousness is not possible without possessing these qualities:
Forgiveness towards others
A being of higher consciousness typically refers to someone who has reached a higher level of cognitive and spiritual development.

These beings have come to know reality as it really is, otherwise known as the "ultimate reality."
Higher consciousness meditation has been scientifically proven to improve and enhance attention, and, in addition, other aspects of the mind, such as thought and perception, are transcended.
LiveSchool is a Web-based app! (It is not available in the app store)

To log into LiveSchool, go to app.liveschoolinc.com

You can use your laptops, tablets and phones to use LiveSchool.
Be sure to Bookmark the App!
You will print Weekly Reports for students to take home.
You are ready to go!
Watch this to Help you Log In
To Learn how to track points Watch this video!
Creating Your Class Rosters
Visit our training page and become a LiveSchool expert!
How to Print Paychecks
Fun Incentive Ideas
Fun Incentive Ideas
Fun Incentive Ideas
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