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Ghosts by Tom Dawe

No description

Olivia Wiens

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Ghosts by Tom Dawe

Ghosts by Tom Dawe
Summary of Poem
Tom Dawe expresses his solemnity in the poem. He relives his past through his memories, but even though they are happy memories, he is deeply sad because he can not go back. So now his memories are ghosts to him.
His memories might also be looked at as traumatizing and so it haunts him in his current life as a "ghost". He wants to forget the past but is incapable of doing so. His memories come rushing back to him, and he still remembers them in detail. He provides a descriptive recollection about these memories.
Tom Dawe is trying to portray a message that everyone's memories alter into ghosts eventually.
New Words
Spray blown from the crests of waves by the wind.

Any of numerous plants having toothed leaves, flowers, and stinging hairs that cause skin irritation on contact.

a cultivar of plum tree

A machine or vehicle with a part that rocks or moves back and forth, e.g., a jigsaw

Literary Devices
relating drowned kittens to the memory of crying babies
the poem is one big sentence, uses "and" a lot
waving nettles over driftwood gives a clear picture in your mind
"Ghosts" is a metaphor for his past
Images Portrayed in the Poem
wind blowing
cowbells, crying babies, wind blowing, pendulum clock, loon being shot
yellow flowers, young men flinging hats, etc.
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