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The Benefit of Video Games To Education

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on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of The Benefit of Video Games To Education

The Benefit of
Video Games To Education

By: Meg Pancoast, Barbara Richards, and Yasmin Fernandez
Research Question
Can video games aid in children’s ability to achieve higher level thinking?
Survey Questions
Do you play video games at school?
What is your favorite video game and why do you play it?
If you had the choice of playing video games all day or going to school, which would you choose?
A majority of children didn’t play video games at school.
Strategy based games were the most popular among the children in the elementary grades.
All children that were surveyed felt that they would rather go to school, because they want to see their friends.

Plants vs. Zombies
Lego Indiana Jones
Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion
Kick the Buddy
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“Conscious work from a player is a must.”
We found that most of the games that children were playing do encourage higher level learning and thinking, even though many schools are not using video games to enhance the curriculum. It did not matter whether or not it was a girl or boy, none of the games are gender specific. Although games are helpful to a child's education, parents should show discretion to the ratings of the games that their children are playing.
“Some academic scholars claim playing games is good for literacy, problem-solving, learning to test hypotheses and researching information from variety of sources.”

Game designers are "concern to design games which might attract girls."

Children Surveyed:
Children in grades: K-4th grade
Both Male and Female
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