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St 7-6

The impact of Science and Technology on post WWII United States

Adam Powley

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of St 7-6

St 7-6A : Science and Tech in post WWII America WWII military funding had a huge impact on citizen's lives The Manhattan Project the Jet Aircraft radar Microwaves computers synthetic rubbers Cold War spending pumped more money into Research and Development more sophisticated nuclear weapons Hydrogen Bombs ICBMs Neutron Bombs More sophisticated delivery systems Space Race worldwide satellite communication unmanned manned US puts man on the moon international space station All of this military tech leads to consumer products personal computers microwave ovens satellite television new consumer products sparks more purchasing Nuclear Energy initially showed promise as a cheap and reliable energy source. concerns over its safety soon limit its effectiveness Three mile island Chernobyl Cars and Air Conditioning impact travel and migration patterns Along with Ike's National Defense Highway Act population shifts to the "Sunbelt" states People travel further from home (Myrtle Beach instead of the Jersey Shore) Of course, US does become dependent on foreign oil as it increases car and energy usage remember it was the Arab nations (which have a lot of oil) that were irritated at the US support of Israel Medical Advancement and its impact Agricultural Advancements and Issues Penicillin - The Miracle Drug used to prevent infections during war to cure infections. led to search for new miracle drugs New Vaccines childhood illnesses polio mumps New surgical techniques changes in Demographics people living longer infant mortality decrease New political and society impacts Baby boom impacted "family values" AARP and the Elderly vote in huge numbers Increased demand during the war and in the post-WWII boom led to an increased demand for foodstuffs wide use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers DDT environmental issues greater nutrition greater variety better nutrition altered demographics soil depletion 1970s Environmental Legislation EPA - Environmental Protection Agency Global Warming Concerns Hiroshima-sized Blast Largest Nuke Ever Made open-heart surgery Not a good excuse...
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