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Anasazi Tribe

Jmar,Sterling, and Anthony

Jmar Bongado

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Anasazi Tribe

Housing The Anasazi people made houses like the kivas,pueblos and pithouses.Kivas were one big circle with walls covering the circle.There was no chairs and decorations.Kivas were used for celebrations like when it is someone's birthday.It can be also used for discussions like war with the pilgrims and when the food supply is low.Pueblos were very large apartments made by sticks from trees and mud from the ground.The pueblos were very cozy and very stable.Pithouses are mostly used for storage like weapons and food.But, one part of the pit houses were used for sleeping or making weapons or tools for the whole tribe. The Anasazi Tribe
By:Sterling Solomon,Jmar Bongado, and Anthony Hoskins Geography/Climate Art In Anasazi art Kachinas
are often seen as well as the anasazi's gods and
also animals Traditions Clothing Other Interesting Facts Food Anasazi ate fish, deer and small mammals. They also ate a sacred bear that they worshipped every 25 years. They were very particular about what they ate and were sure to check their food before eating it. Also, they included many fruits and vegetables from their land as part of their diet. Anasazi art The Anasazi also made
tools and pottery. The Anasazi wore clothing that was made out of fur or turkey feathers.They loved ornate jewlery made from shells, bones and feathers.They wore sandals for shoes which were usually made from yucca and hemp.In hot weather,the men would only wear a belt made of woven grass which they used to carry tools and weapons.The women usually wore figerwoven aprons. The anasazi dug holes in their
houses called sipapus.Sipapu
is anasazi for spirit hole
the anasazi belived that the first
people on earth came through the
spirit holes. An Anasazi pueblo used for shelter. An Anasazi kiva used for discussions and celebrations. An Anasazi's pithouse used for storage and shelter. This is what the anasazi wore for clothing. This is one of the animals that the Anasazi ate. The Anasazi lived in an environment that had strong winds, heavy snowfalls, very hot summer and short growing seasons.The length of the longest growing season was only 5-6 weeks.The heavy snow falls was always more than 1 feet and the temperature was 23-47 degrees.When the snowy days were over,they always had dirty water.The summer of the Anasazi was 64-91 degrees.Summer for the Anasazi people was the shortest.It lasted for 5-6 weeks.The whole summer was the growing season.The strong winds were more than 10-20 miles per hour but not fast enough to make a hurricane.The pueblos that the Anasazi built was helpful.So the winds were not big of a problem. This is a video clip of making a model of an Anasazi's kiva. This was the snow of Anasazi winter. This was the heat of Anasazi summer. These are the winds of the Anasazi's fall. This was the short growing season of the Anasazi summer. This video clip shows how to make some Anasazi food.
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