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Life in the Fast lane

An introduction the 5th grade IB Unit 5: How We Organize Ourselves

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Transcript of Life in the Fast lane

Unit 5 How the World Works An inqiry into the
natural world
and its laws What will we learn? And you're going to grade this?! Newton's Laws An object at rest will stay at rest
an object in motion will stay in motion How fast an
object speeds
up is based on how much force is placed on it For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction http://www.schooltube.com/video/fb77496058842d17f327/The-Laws-of-Sir-Isaac-Newton Life in the Fast Lane Laws are developed by natural processes then defined and enforced by oral and written means of communication. So what's the BIG IDEA? Form Function What does it mean to move? How do physical laws explain why things move? How do things start moving? Causation Why do things keep moving? Why do moving object respond as they do? How will we show we've learned this? Newton's
Scooters! What in the world is a Newton Scooter?! A Newton Scooter is a self-propelled
vehicle that demonstrates Newton's
Laws of Motion. And guess what? You're going to build it! But the question right now is... Will the video work? Of course I am! When have you known me to not grade something this big?! What are the requierments? 1. Vehicle must be teacher-approved before construction begins.

2. Vehicle must move forward by pushing backward on the floor, another object or the air.

3. Vehicle must be built from scrap materials. No pre-made vehicles or "kits" allowed.

4. You cannot interfere with your vehicle once it leaves the starting line. You cannot give it a push as you launch it, and you cannot make adjustments after it is launched.

5. You may not power your vehicle with a any form of electricity, fire, explosions, burning fuel or gravity. Now let's take a look at the rubric!
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