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GCSE - Tourism

No description

Amy Lemon

on 9 January 2012

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Transcript of GCSE - Tourism

Global growth of tourism
Reasons for growth?
Where are the environments that favour tourism?

Watch the following video clip, then using the photos on p297 of your textbook, list the potential of coastal areas, mountains and cities for the development of tourism.
Economic importance of tourism?
The importance of the tourist
industry to the UK
Increase in leisure time:
holiday entitlement
shorter working week
early retirement with pensions
ageing population

Greater wealth:
larger incomes
less children
two wage-earner families
increase in car ownership

Changes in technology:
jet aircraft
computer reservation systems
Internet on-line booking

Product development:
package holidays
theme parks
activity holidays
weekend breaks

Improved infrastructure eg motorways
In pairs, discuss possible explanations for the global increase in tourism.
3 minutes...............go!
(Textbook p295-6 will help - but only if really stuck!!)
Economic importance of tourism to countries - the case of Dubai, UAE
Globally tourism is big business. Both MEDCs and LEDCs
are keen to promote it as it can be a big boost to employment
as well as a source of foreign exchange.

Tourism has a multiplier effect, encouraging the growth of
services and other businesses.
Refer to the textbook, p300 'Benefits of tourism in poorer countries and list
some of the spin-offs from tourism that lead to increased
economic growth and development.
Exam practice!

'Describe and explain the changing contribution that
tourism has made to the UK economy' (8 mks)

Study p301....then you have 10 mins to write your answer.
Annotate each stage on your copy of the model to
explain the life cycle of a resort.

The need for sustainability
Effective management strategies are the key to the continuing prosperity
of tourist areas and avoid the 'decline' stage of the tourism
life-cycle model


Sustainability requires the development of tourism embracing the need for stewardship and conservation.

What is meant by these two terms?
The personal responsibility
for looking after things, in this case the case the environment.
The careful and planned use of resources in order to maintain the natural environment for future generations.
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