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Propaganda Techniques in Today's Advertising

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赵 秦露

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of Propaganda Techniques in Today's Advertising

Propaganda Techniques in Today's Advertising
Testimonial on Douban.com

People can give a mark or write a comment on movies,music and books on douban.com, Many people browse the evaluation to choose movies, books and music they like. So good reviews on douban.com are incredible propaganda for works.
Testimonial is one of advertisers’ most-loved and most-used propaganda techniques. It does have good publicity. Sometimes it can cause some bad influence on products and companies. So users should use it in a proper way.

Following these international and important awards,
Zhang and his films got a good propaganda
and fame at home and abroad.

What is Testimonial
1. It is a kind of propaganda technique.
A negative example

2. It is similar to the transfer device.
3. Testimonial takes advantage of admiration and
celebrity to promote products and companies.
Testimonial of Zhang Yimou's films

Zhang Yimou’s Red Sorghum that won the Golden Bear of Berlin International Film Festival is China's first film going abroad.

In addition, The Flowers Of War he directed in 2011
was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign
Language Film.
Douban.com is the most popular and
most authoritative community sharing and
commenting books, music and films in China.
Jackie Chan is justice,brave,responsible and plain.
He takes part in many charity activities every year,
such as Annual charity concert.

He was rated as One of the
world''s top ten charity celebrities,
Also, he set up Beijing Jackie Chan
Charitable Foundation.
Because of his good public image,
his endorsement of the public service ads
are very successful and have a good effection society.
In 2012,an advertisement which endorsed by Chen Guanxi
for a rental company appeared in Shanghai subway.
Soon after, passengers are disgusted with the ad.
Because of the nude picture scandal which took place four years ago,
At last the advertising company removed it quickly.
The ad also had a bad influence on their company's image.
Other examples...
World Cultural Heritage List of China
National 5A tourist attractions
World Expo
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