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BTEC Music Technology

No description

Adrian Smith

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of BTEC Music Technology

Music Workshop
Sequencing with Logic Pro
Audio Production for radio
Listening Skills
Music and Society
BTEC Music Technology
Strode College
Back line and Technical Management
Live Sound
Synthesis and Sampling
Do you want to work in the Music Industry?

Click through this presentation or zoom around to find out what the BTEC course is all about. You should find videos and pictures as well as some examples of project work. Contact asmith@strode-college.ac.uk for more details
Music Production
Year 2
Year 1
Composing Music
Music for TV, Games and Film
The Sound and Music Industry
Marketing a Music Product
Music Product
Music Video Production
DJ Performance Techniques
Music Events Management
Music Technology in Performance
Learn to create tracks
Produce remixes
Use industry standard software
Understand terminology and techniques
Wire up a simple MIDI system
Learn to use the studio
Microphones and techniques
Record a band or artist
Mix and Master
Understand studio equipment
Learn how to set up and run a sound system
Do the sound for bands
Understand music venue equipment
Links to work experience including festivals
trips and workshops
Real World Studios
Events and Gigs
music production day
O2 Academy Bristol
this is the desk
you will be using
Check out some student tracks below

Mangle and Manipulate sound
Learn to listen
Understand what you are hearing
Use the right terminology to explain mixes
Launch Party
DJ Events
Fund Raisers
Create a radio show ready to play on a local station
Record and edit interview
Develop real world job skills
Put the music you love into context
Punk, Rave, Reggae, D'n'B ........
Politics, Business and Technology

Develop real world skills for employment in the live sound industry
Back line equipment, stage management
Set up microphones and amplifiers on stage

Jam and learn an instrument
Develop skills to help your music production
Perform music
Plan, record, mix, master and release your own music product
Links to marketing, music video, industry

optional extra for DJ types
Make a video
Business Plans
Jobs and opportunities
Understand the marketing techniques needed to make your track or business a success
Plan a marketing event
Compose music for film clips, TV adverts, computer games, dance students and cartoons
Sound design
Build a portfolio of work
The live events area of industry has grown and is still expanding
Plan your own music event
Perform the music you have composed
Large scale gigs at local venues using technology
Where do you go after the course?

Live sound - festivals, sound companies, crew, tours etc
Start up a small business or go self-employed

University - Over the years around 50% of students go on to study for a degree

Bath Spa - Creative Music Technology
London, Wales, Birmingham, Bristol, Bournemouth
Music Events
Live Sound
Film and TV Production

You will get careers advice and guidance while at Strode College
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