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Oscars Part 2

No description

Gary Martin

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Oscars Part 2

Oscars 2012 B.C.B. Sydney Epple and Nesha Austin MP's Finest Rio, Lil Starr, and Wink V Every Time We Touch Forget You Tony Cribley and Lil J Most Likely to be a Billionaire Best Dressed Best Personality Most Likely to be President Most Likely to Win a Real Oscar Best Hair Most Original Hairstyle Most Involved The Couple that Never Was Most Changed/ Freshman to Senior Ladies Man Best Facial Hair Best Smile Best Eyes Diva Wannabe Future Rapper Most Likely to Join a Fraternity/Sorority Most Country Most Sarcastic Person Teacher's Pet Best Twins/Triplets Unique Fashion Statement Most Talkative Mahraan Qadir Grant Herbuck Nick Partie Trey Wemigwans Jared Brown Skylar Zeiglar Dylan Roark Sara Jakeway Michaela Bundy Nick Watters Sydney Epple Tori Fussman Jake Brigard Nick Partie Steven Green Gary Cheng Sten Eikrem Anne Bjerke Manny Prout Ben Robertson Carly Rounds Taylor Lape Tori Traux Celia Chavarria Tito Felix Amadria Sloan Grant Herbruck Taylor Scully Alissa Recker Sage Wood Mahraan Qadir Emily Wilson Justin Myshock and Mya Gilmore Baily Ebner and Faith Trainor Logan Neeland and Joe Genia Chris Yoder and Katie Crane Frankie Walz Danielle Halfmann Tyler Burk Nick Clark Jam Bahee Alex Murray Michael Vasquez Matt Sherlock Noah Lapp Alex Gonzalez Johnny Clark Jacob Epple Mya Gilmore Antonio Povinelli Emily Backus Michaela Bundy Devon Leasher Becca Delong Sylvia Vogel Katie Crane Joey Foster AJ Weisenburger River Derry Austen Reno Sophie Watters Doug Cesena Robert Backus Halle Anderson Kiegan White Evan Huber Morgan Stoewsand Taylor Timmer Brandan Hovey Ann Bjerke Olivia Trautner Dean Marals Tyler White Brett Shahin Chris Haywood Orry Recker Sam Falsetta Ashley Mcneil Vitoria Moscardeli Kate Odykirk Chelsea, Nicole and
Riley Aultman Nick ad Tim Wilson Jacob and Jordan
Lewis Dan, Ben and Logan
Elliot Alegra Platte Megan Green sarah Harke Sydney Cox Alexis Armstrong Aaron Leaureaux Sydnee Kopke Janessa Davis Happy Birthday Gil! River & Cherish Honey Badgers Caddy Whampus
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