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No description

Melissa Meyer

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Resume

Melissa Meyer
Georgetown Law
JD, February 2013
GPA: 3.72 2011-2012; 3.45 cumulative
Honors: Dean’s list (two semesters)
Equilibrium in High Court Representation
(GJLE Fall 2013)
Involvement: Journal, Moot Court, Theater, LGBT, Group Leadership, Study Abroad
George Washington U.
Law School
Winner of 2011 Georgetown Law International Arbitration Comp
CALI Award in Animal Law
Global Teaching Fellow, International Business Law

Won 2 of 3 awards in Eco-Business pitch competition against 40 MBA candidates
Developed exceptional time management skills & increased productivity
Operated under constant deadline, remained cool under pressure
Top-in-class for contracts, mediation, and negotiation
Traveled to six continents, 34 countries, and 38 states in three years on tight budget
Couchsurfed in every inhabited continent with 20 positive references: www.couchsurfing.org/coaset
Managed new English curriculum in South Korean private academy
Probability Trees
Employ iterative mapping process to analyze options and make decisions
Detaches ego from outcome
Values all inputs
Creates impeccable foresight
Student of
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Focus on listening-based communication
Genuinely interested in engaging with people
Startup Methodology
Student of
Lean Startup
and the 4-Hour Workweek
Employ build-measure-learn to determine most efficient allocation of resources
Focus on market research, formal and informal
a.melissa.meyer@gmail.com | New York, New York
www.linkedin.com/in/amelissameyer | @coaset
Find Me
B.A., May 2006,
magna cum laude
, Political Science, Environmental Studies, Philosophy
GPA: 3.79
Honors: Phi Beta Kappa; Presidential Scholarship; Dean’s List (all semesters)
Financed 50% of tuition and expenses through scholarship and part-time employment
Lead Business Development at VerbalizeIt, an on-demand language translation platform
Scale lead generation through outsourcing and automation
Represent brand at networking events
Strategize on growth & efficiency
Operate as de facto office manager
Work under pressure, walk runway for crowds of 30 to 3,000
Able to both lead and take direction
Manage portfolio, build relationships with clients and photographers
Substantial repeat business
Initiated and ran still-active Meatless Monday campaign at Georgetown Law
Negotiated increase in compassionate meal options
Led get out the vote teams in 2004 general election (Florida), 2008 primary election (Texas), and 2008 general election (California)
linkedin | www.linkedin.com/in/amelissameyer
couchsurfing | www.couchsurfing.org/coaset
wordpress | amelissameyer.wordpress.com
google | a.melissa.meyer@gmail.com
twitter | @coaset
About Me
Melissa is employee #1 at ClearFactr.com, where she is responsible for bringing a sophisticated financial technology to market. In her role, she executes Lean Startup strategies, conducts market research, builds user communities, creates pitches, and AB tests new ideas. Melissa has traveled extensively, is barred in the state of New York, teaches spin, and models on the side.
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