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Effects of Sows and P4

The researched effects of sows that recieve injections of P4 34 days post mating.

Samantha Lahman

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Effects of Sows and P4

Sows & P4 The Hypothesis:
That sows recieving a single
injectable dose of P4 34 days
post mating will retain full
pregancy at a higher rate then
those untreated. History
Spanish researchers have already founds results when they injected lactation dairy cattle with P4. The injection reduced pregnancy loss. Why research
this? Pregancy failures in
sows account
for 14% of
non-age culling! X Materials & Procedure 522 Sows Artifically Inseminated Housed Separately Day 34
Moved to group pens
17-18 sows. Treated sows were
given 125 mg of Jurox
Progesterone IM Sows housed together
until farrowing. Sows allocated
Sows farrowed Failed pregnacy Born Alive Still born Mummified piglets RESULTS! Control: 233
P4 Treated: 223 Control: 31
P4 Treated: 35 Control: 11.5
P4 Treated: 11.3 Control: 0.43
P4 Treated: 0.40 Control: 0.48
P4 Treated: 0.55 Control: 264
P4 Treated: 258 In Conclusion:
One injection of P4 when moving sows from single
to group housing does not reduce pregnancy loss.
QUESTIONS? What does P4 Contribute? In implantation and gestation, it decreases the maternal immune system.
It decreases contractility of teh uterine.
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