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How to Create an A+ Research Presentation

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Rachel Cockrell

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of How to Create an A+ Research Presentation

Choose a Topic
Choose a historical or current example of civil disobedience across the world.
Make sure to choose an instance that interests and challenges you.
Make sure to select a topic you can manage. It needs to be some thing that has a lot of information available. You don't want to get stuck with a topic or event that you cannot find any research documents for.
Create your presentation
Once your notes are organized, start creating your presentation.
You may use any multimedia outlet you like: PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Prezi are just a few options. You may also create a video.
DO NOT read straight from your presentation.
Have your own notes to explain your topic thoroughly. You are the expert on your topic.
Your presentation needs multimedia elements (i.e. video, photos, etc.)
You may use video clips, but the clips must be less than 3 minutes in length and you may only use 2. If the video is over 3 minutes, that time will not count as part of your 8-10 minutes.
Find Information
Make sure you use credible online sources to gather your information.
You may use Wikipedia, but you MUST cite it and it WILL NOT count as one of your sources.
You must have a minimum of 5 credible sources for this project. These will be cited at the end of your presentation in MLA bibliography format.
Use your "Evaluating a Website" handout to determine if your source is credible enough to use.
Take Notes on your Research
Gather the sources you want to use to create your presentation. Make sure you can access them easily by copying and pasting the links to a Google Doc.
Thoroughly read through each document and take notes on what is important.
Keep your notes all in one place and make sure to organize them according to the sources used and the questions they answer.
Answer the following Questions
What are the significant circumstances of the act(s) of civil disobedience?
Who was involved?
What happened and what actions were taken?
When and Where did it happen?
Why did it happen? What was the issue and what was the goal?
What were the short and long term consequences? Did the people involved achieve their goal?
In what way is this an example of civil disobedience? Whose or what definition does it match? Provide supporting information from at least one informational text we have read in class. This will not count as one of your 5 sources.
Answer the Essential Question. In this circumstance, was it OK to break the law? Were personal ethics or religious traditions justified in trumping the laws of the land? Explain your reasoning.
Create an Outline
Jot down an outline for your presentation.
Include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
Introduce your act of civil disobedience.
Include your points that respond to the questions you must answer.
Did they accomplish their purpose?
Do you think the act of civil disobedience was merited? Was it OK to break the law?
Keys to an A+ Research Presentation
Ideas and Information
Answer all questions
Select appropriate information
Well-developed understanding of topic
Presents information clearly
Eyes, Body, Voice
Don't read from the screen
Audience can understand you
Appropriate dress
Presentation Aids
Creative and powerful use of presentation media that enhances audience understanding
Language Conventions
Free of grammar and convention errors
All sources cited properly
Corrent amount of time (8-10 minutes).
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