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Pocahontas: Fact vs. Fiction

No description

Tim Simons

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Pocahontas: Fact vs. Fiction

differences In the movie, John Smith and Pocahontas were
about the same age. In reality, Pocahontas was only 11 years old when she met John. And, of course, they were not in love.
That would have been weird.
They were friends though! The first people to discover America were the Spaniards, think of Christopher Columbus. He found much gold and other valuables.
Of course, the British were jealous and wanted a part of these riches too. So, in the year 1607 the English sailed to the new continent. All the sailors had high hopes, because they all thought there was much gold to be found there.

The song you are going to listen to is about the voyage and the expectations of these sailors. Please answer question 1 on your handout after watching the video. Please form groups of 4.
Take out a pen and paper and write down all
your thoughts on Native Americans (indians). The next song will tell us more about
the Native American way of thinking, and
how they saw the "newcomers".
Take a look at assignment 2. Please fill in the
gaps in the text by listening to the song. John Smith was the leader of the Virginia Company. He was very popular among the crew, because he was a good sailor and leader, but still kind.

John Smith is the name most used to "shake off" the FBI.
FBI agent: "Are you Crackhead Pete?"
Pete:"No, my name is, uhmmm, John Smith!"

The real John Smith looked very different than in the Disney movie. Can you see what's different? As you can see, the British that came to America did not care about the land at all. They were interested in claiming it, and making profit by digging up gold.

How do you think the Indians welcomed them? The Native Americans helped the European newcomers with their harvest. The Europeans did not know how to work the land, and of course the Native Americans had a lot of experience.
To celebrate the successful harvest, the first Thanksgiving party was held in 1621. This shows the kindness of many of the Native American tribes, who wanted to help the Europeans to build their lives in America.

Thanksgiving is still celebrated these days! Take a look.

Pocahontas existed in real life too! She was the daughter of a Native American chief, which makes her an actual princess. She traveled to England in 1616 and was presented as the "savage" who became civilised (she dressed just as the British and converted to Christianity).

But what isn't true about the Disney movie? What do you think about Native Americans now?
Take another look at your mindmap! FUN FACT The last part on history
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