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No description

Ayman Abd-Allah

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of CAMPO

Afnan Elnomrosy
Ahmed Abdelrahman
Hala Tammam
Ayman Abdalla
Mohammed Samir

Team Members:

Vision & Mission
SWOT Analysis
Ministry of Health
High Committee Of Medical Specialties

Strengths cont.
Huge population of India
20 million blind eyes in India with another two million being added annually.

Presence of local businessmen and social service
Presence of 2o million blind eyes
Patients avoiding government hospital due to corruption and bureaucracy

High rate “inpatients & outpatients” and High income from both.
Financial resources

Hospital reputation
Good rapport
Corporate culture
Knowledge, experience & talent “state of art”
Organizational moral

An effective unique team who have high quality service and affordable management system.

Generic Strategy:

Leadership in cost reduction (IOL), sponsors.
Differentiation (Camps).
Focus (cataract).

Diversification strategies

Concentric diversification:
Opening new line of production of glasses for error of refraction of high quality for paying patients

Integration strategies
Backward integration:
For manufacturing medications and ophthalmic consumables to provide the Aravind group of hospitals with their supplies.
Forward integration (franchising):
By setting up new clinics in other different places to serve wide range of Indian population and slowly move away from camps to sustainable clinics.

Intensive strategies:
Market penetration
By using celebrates and figure lead to educate patients about the presence of vision restoring surgeries in an affordable prices and the availability of free services.
Market development
By opening new hospitals in new places in other developing countries in Africa or Asia.
Service development

By modifying and upgrading the present eye care service (introducing IOL surgeries for poor patients, decrease percentage of postoperative infections and complications.
To solve the problem of occupancy rate in the free hospital Instead of making camps only on Saturday and Sunday he will also make camps on Tuesday and Wednesday in order to collect enough cases and increase the occupancy rate on Thursday and Friday to keep the staff motivated and system tuned


Dr. Ossama Mossallam
Harvard University Training Consultant
Reduce the current percent of post-surgical complications-like
Increase the Auro lab production from 60000 / year to 120000 / year within the next 3 years.
Introduce ECCE and phacoemulsification techniques to all patients
Establish a well-integrated training programs for ophthalmologists and other medical staff during the next 3 years.
Increase staff payment
Financially self-sufficient

To reduce postoperative complications by 50% through application of international well recognized standards
To perform ECCE to 20 % of free patients every years to reach 100% of free patients after 5 years.
To train 500 doctor and 1000 nurse every year.
Develop market research for proper choice of the two site of new branch 

To reduce manufac100/lens and to reach 75% defect free IOL (vs. current 50%)
To increase amount of screening services .by 20% draining to this hospital by the end of 1994
To implement extensive use of telemedicine and the most advanced e-collaboration technologies to be accomplished with in 1 year to be paperless fully automated.

Wherever there is blindness we want to offer hope.

We have more than 40 years of experience providing non-profit health service to patients with eye diseases. . We train our doctors, nurses and paramedical staff to use the modern technology.
we introduce many eye camps to reach everywhere in India we are growing and expanding every day helping people enjoy longer, healthier, and more bright live.


High technology provided
The ability to perform 30 cataract operations in 1 hour by a team of 5 surgeons & 15 nurses.
Highly qualified staff
Provide training & teaching
IOL manufacturing lab.

Low salaries of physicians
At the free Hospital
At Tirunelveli hospital
At Auro lab



the increasing numbers of treated patients
Reduce the cost of cataract surgery from 2500 to 2000 Rupees.
Extend our coverage area
Increase financial stability
Opening 2 branches in middle Africa

Intensive strategy
Market penetration
Through using weekly eye camps to rural areas.
Increase the market share for services.
Wide use of advertising tools sponsors.
Market development
by building new hospitals in new areas to attract more local patients.

Service Development
Transportation, food, free tickets, aphetic glasses.
Through R&D and collaborations in USA.
Increase the use of ECCI in free patients.

Integration strategy
Backward integration
through the manufacturing of IOLs at Auro lab.

Forward integration
through Expand by open new hospitals eye camps
So we recommend,
Product development

By Auro lab factory yield improvement to produce 100% defect free IOL and down the manufacturing costs from 200Rs to 100Rs
Wherever there is blindness we want to offer hope.
Life Cycle
Hanem ahmed Raof
Sayed Naser Abd-Allah Moawad

Ahmed Abu-Bakr
Heba Abdallah Soliman
Magdy Mansour
Naema Mohammed Fetwoh

Non-paying and paying patients receive same quality of eye care.

Enough credibility to raise a lot of money by donation
Dr. V is an outstanding & effective leader
One of the biggest hospitals of its kind of the world in 1992 with 1224 beds.
All heads of specialty clinics were trained in USA.

Market share
Hospital beds
1442/42000= 2.9%

Cataract operations done annually :

41013/1200000 =3.4%

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