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Power Dressing 101

No description

Alyanna Rivera

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Power Dressing 101

Power Dressing for Women
Power Dressing for Women
Do's and don'ts
Power Dressing for Women
Power Dressing for Women
by Aiah Rivera
Power Dressing
When suit shopping, pick a classic cut, a lightweight fabric that's not seasonal (no crumply linen, no chunky tweed), and a neutral color that suits you well.
# 1 : Suit Up!
Shoes must be comfortable yet have a bit of height. Peep toes are a no-no as they are considered casual shoes.
#2 : Corporate Dresses
Dresses should be knee-length, partnered with pumps and structured bags
sleeves for
a more
#3 : Business Casual
Blouses and cardigans with trousers or pencil skirts fall in this category
Power Dressing for Women
#4: Casual / Mix and Match
Wear colorful and comfortable clothing fit for a Friday night out
Power Dressing for Women
Do's and don'ts
The hair should be kept away from the face. Bangs should be side-swept.
Sleek ponytails are the best way to style the hair. The lower the
ponytail, the better.
Power Dressing for Women
Do's and don'ts
The hair can be kept down but should be swept aside.
Wear minimal make-up. Avoid bright lipstick shades and dark eyeshadows.
Power Dressing for Women
Do's and don'ts
Earrings should be plain and timeless. Opt for classic styles such as pearls and diamonds.
What is Power Dressing?
Power dressing refers to a style of clothing and hair intended to make wearers seem authoritative and competent, especially in professional settings in business, law and government
Power Dressing for Women
Do's and don'ts
Nails should be kept clean. Stick to plain manicure, French tips or light pink color.
Wearing a watch is a
must. A fine watch says something about your orderliness.
Power Dressing for Women
Do's and don'ts
Structured bags give a professional feel to any outfit.
Power Dressing for Men
#1 : Suit Up!
Every guy should have at least one business suit for formal occasions. A well-fitting suit makes a man.
You can also opt to wear a barong. Just make sure to use long sleeves on formal events.
Power Dressing for Men
#2: Business Casual
Long sleeves with cardigan or blazers complete this look.
Power Dressing for Men
#3: Casual / Mix and Match
Wear relaxed long sleeves or tailored button-downs with short sleeves for a Friday night look.
Power Dressing for Men
Dos and donts
Classic hair grooming with high shine and a side part will give some edge to your work day hair.
Always wear a classic timepiece.
Power Dressing for Men
Dos and donts
Invest in a good messenger bag. It gives a more professional vibe.
Power Dressing for Men
Dos and donts
Shoes should have a slim contour and a rounded (but not sharp) toe. They'll look stylish, tasteful, and masculine.
Power Dressing
Final Tips
Wear one color from head to toe to create illusion of long legs.
Sometimes, it only takes a belt to polish your look.
Power Dressing
Final Tips
The shorter the skirt, the shorter the heels. The longer the skirt, the longer the heels.
Always tuck in your top for a sleek look.
Power Dressing
Choose comfort over anything else
Never sacrifice comfort over style.

Be true to yourself.

Never settle for the fad.

Stick to classics...

but always leave room for a little change.

People will notice if you put effort on looking presentable. It shows responsibility to yourself.

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